Canadian TV host Chloe Wilde opens up about 'shame' around IVF and fertility treatments: 'I remember feeling alone'

The television personality, and a new mom, is celebrating her IVF journey despite stigma.

Chloe Wilde reflected on her IVF journey and advocated for all 'IVF mamas.' (Jeremychanphotography/Getty Images) TORONTO, ONTARIO - APRIL 12: Chloe Wilde attends the 2023 Canadian Screen Awards - Lifestyle & Reality Awards presented by CTV at Meridian Hall on April 12, 2023 in Toronto, Ontario. (Photo by Jeremychanphotography/Getty Images)
Chloe Wilde reflected on her IVF journey and advocated for all 'IVF mamas.' (Jeremychanphotography/Getty Images)

Chloe Wilde is celebrating her successful IVF journey.

The Canadian TV personality shared an Instagram reel on Thursday, holding her five-month-old son Grey Alexander. The video was accompanied by a viral audio saying, "I literally have nothing to say except that I made this. This came from my hands... Oh my god, I'm so proud."

Alongside the reel, the Etalk reporter penned a heartfelt message to "all the IVF mamas out there," opening up about her path to motherhood. In her post, Wilde reflected on the emotional challenges and stigma associated with fertility treatments, writing, "Our babies are still our babies. I know there's still some shame around fertility treatments, which absolutely breaks my heart. Let's squash that and normalize IUI and IVF miracles."

Wilde "vividly" recalled "feeling broken and defective when month after month of trying on our own kept resulting in an upside down smiley face on yet another test."

"I remember feeling alone and sad and angry and frustrated and depleted," she said. "Then we stepped into the world of fertility treatment and it became our beacon of hope. That beacon of hope led to a loss, some serious frustration along the way but it also led to baby Grey."

Fans thanked Wilde for her candid post — and left supportive messages in the comments.

It shouldn't even be a conversation anymore with any stigma attached. Normalize yes!" one Instagram user wrote.

"Never ever feel guilty about bringing a baby into the world. No matter how or who made it... you have been chosen to love and nurture it," someone added, while another thanked Wilde for "being so transparent about your path."

One fan shared: "Both my daughter in law and my sister went through it. The highs and lows were so hard but they have their IVF miracle babies... Thank you for sharing your story with us."

Wilde, who is known for her empowering posts on motherhood, opened up about her postpartum mental health in November. She described the conflicting feelings she faced finally having a baby, after four years of trying.

In a heartfelt note, she admitted her "mental health has been better." Wilde said, "After [four] years we finally have our little buddy... Some days I'm on cloud nine and other days the sadness feels overwhelming.

"I've tried putting on a brave face but it's time to be honest. I have been struggling, and I'm realizing it's OK to admit that. It doesn't make me weak or ungrateful for our little rainbow baby."

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