Canadian TV host Chloe Wilde 'vividly' recalls struggling to 'feel joy' during her fertility journey

The "Etalk" reporter says if she could go back, she'd try to appreciate even the harder moments.

Canadian TV personality Chloe Wilde is reflecting on fertility struggles and her IVF journey. (Photo via Instagram/@thechloewilde)
Canadian TV personality Chloe Wilde is reflecting on fertility struggles and her IVF journey. (Photo via Instagram/@thechloewilde)

Chloe Wilde is reflecting on the positive outcome of her difficult fertility journey.

On Wednesday, the Canadian TV personality shared a candid Instagram Reel reflecting on and embracing the challenges she faced leading up to the birth of her first child five months ago. Wilde juxtaposed a clip of herself wearing a hospital gown and cap paired with an audio clip, saying, "Can we skip to the good part?" before sharing a recent clip where she's holding her son.

In her caption, the "Etalk" host explained while her fertility journey came with its own set of challenges, it made the outcome even more special.

"Let's all remember that even when we get to the good part, it's not always 100 per cent good parts, and that's OK, it makes us savour the good even more," she shared. "I vividly remember struggling to feel joy during our fertility journey and as a result, I think I missed out on a lot of my life during those few years, functioning on auto-pilot just to get through it all."

She admitted if she could go back, she would try to appreciate even the harder moments: "I'd tell myself to find the good, even in the struggle. We can't let the struggle get all the power, we need to own it and still find little moments of hope, of joy, of levity, of silliness."

Fans applauded Wilde's honesty in the comments section of her post.

"I feel this post so deeply, I remember going through fertility and my son at the time was a year and a half after I was done my fertility journey and finally getting pregnant naturally five years had gone by. I was so focused on the process and the emotional roller coaster that I blacked out all of those years with my son! Years I will never get back!" an Instagram user shared.

"So true. It's so important to embrace the hardships because they ultimately lead to something so amazing. So happy for you, mama," a fan wrote.

"Oh, mama. All the love, then and now. You are such a light," commented another.

"Congratulations on making it to the good part. You deserve it," someone else added.

Last month, speaking on the "Trying To Be Positive with Anne Matthews" podcast, Wilde shared details about her fertility struggles and her four-year-long IVF journey. She also discussed keeping her pregnancy a secret from the public — a decision rooted in fears of experiencing a miscarriage.

"It was the hardest thing I think I've ever gone through as an individual. There were many times we didn't know if we'd get to the finish line," she said. "It's something I will carry with me for the rest of my life."

It was so hard to get pregnant and to stay pregnant. I was way more terrified of having another miscarriage," Wilde explained. "The loss of our first IVF transfer that we sadly did not see through, it was so heartbreaking. That loss was so debilitating. I still feel it in my bones today."

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