Carrie Underwood Surprises Fans with Her Latest Hidden Talent

Carrie Underwood Surprises Fans with Her Latest Hidden Talent

There's no doubt that Carrie Underwood is a woman of many talents. She's proven herself on American Idol, countless awards shows, world tours, and now as the official musician for the NFL's Sunday Night Football. Obviously, she can sing, but did you know Carrie has other musical talents too? Underwood can play the guitar, piano, and the harmonica, but what about the drums? In her 2023 rendition of "Waiting All Day For Sunday Night," Carrie is shown playing the drums in a short part of the video, which plays ahead of the first NFL matchup every Sunday night of football season.

Does Carrie Underwood play the drums?

After seeing Underwood dominate the drum kit for Sunday Night Football, we're all wondering if she's picked up a new instrument. Among three other instruments, Carrie actually can play the drums, though she admits she's not expert. "I am not a drummer by any stretch of the imagination, but I love being behind the kit and hitting things," Underwood told Rolling Stone in 2019. Even though she wouldn't call herself a real drummer, this isn't the first time she's picked up the sticks on stage. Carrie kicked off her The Denim & Rhinestones tour with a drum solo in 2022. Many of Carrie's popular songs feature prominent drum parts including "Good Girl," "Church Bells," and "Undo It."

She expressed interest in learning the instrument as early as 2012, so this has been a long time coming for the country star. "I'm a big fan of learning new things and challenging myself, so if that means trying to play the drums or learning to play a new instrument, I'm always up for it," she told CMT in 2012. Before football season began, Underwood teased an exciting new addition to the song for her 11th consecutive season. It's safe to say fans were not disappointed by the surprise: a drum solo from the queen herself!

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