Chloe Wilde says she's embracing her 'soft era' 4 months postpartum: 'It felt like whiplash'

'I lived for organized chaos. I thrived in it,' Wilde said of her life before motherhood.

Chloe Wilde is letting go of the
Chloe Wilde is letting go of the "hustle" as a new mom. (Images via Instagram/@thechloewilde and Getty Images)

Chloe Wilde is in her “soft era" now that she's a mom.

The Canadian TV personality opened up in an Instagram Reel on Monday about redefining her priorities.

In the video, Wilde appeared in a black bathing suit while sitting in a sauna, alongside on-screen text that reads: "POV: You are four months postpartum and leaning into your soft era."

In the accompanying caption, Wilde detailed the shift she has experienced since welcoming her first child, Grey Alexander.

“Pressing pause on the hustle,” the new mom began. "Before having a baby my ‘Why’ in life was making the most of every day with a big focus on progressing towards my career goals, financial goals and an overall hustle mentality. I lived for organized chaos. I thrived in it."

Wilde also said her previous lifestyle wasn't always the best for her health and well-being.

“I was also constantly on the verge of burnout, never feeling like I was doing enough and my cortisol was all over the place,” she shared.

Wilde admitted that the about-face of motherhood made her question her identity outside of work.

"Overnight my hustle ceased to exist and it felt like whiplash. Who was I without a jam-packed day? Who was I without being on national television? Who was I without focusing on passion projects to keep moving 'forward?’” she said. “Leaning into my soft era. Where life moves slower and I’m more intentional with my free time. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a few exciting projects happening behind the scenes but my big focus every day is baby Grey and taking care of myself."

Wilde's candid admission and determination to embrace the new chapter of her life resonated with followers.

“Your whole life has changed. It takes time to embrace all the changes. Good for you for recognizing that!,” one follower said.

“A rebirth,” another said of the change. “So hard and so so beautiful when you lean in.”

“Yes! Another agreed. “Been enjoying my soft era for the last few years and it feels amazing (def felt that whiplash though—more than once)!"

“Yes! The soft mom life is everything. Love this for you,” a fan commented.

“Slowing down is just as important as hustling,” an Instagram user chimed in.

In November, the “Etalk” host shared an intimate set of photos — including a make-up free mirror selfie where she cradled Grey in one arm and her phone in the other — paired with a raw and honest message about the struggles of being a new mom for the first time.

The Montreal-native confessed that her mental health had seen better days, writing, "Some days I'm on cloud nine and other days the sadness feels overwhelming.

"I've tried putting on a brave face but it's time to be honest. I have been struggling, and I'm realizing it's OK to admit that. It doesn't make me weak or ungrateful for our little rainbow baby."

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