Christie Brinkley, 69, rocks swimsuit from the '80s in new photos: 'Forever young'

The model recently celebrated her 69th birthday, and is sharing her tips for aging gracefully.

TODAY -- Pictured: Christie Brinkley on Tuesday, December 20, 2022 -- (Photo by: Helen Healey/NBC via Getty Images)
Christie Brinkley opened up about aging in her latest Instagram post. (Photo by: Helen Healey/NBC via Getty Images)

Christie Brinkley's latest fashion moment proves that happiness never goes out of style.

In her latest Instagram post, the 69-year-old posed with a bicycle on the beach in the Turks & Caicos. The model looked beach-ready as she smiled for the camera in a blue Polo Ralph Lauren swimsuit and a wide-brimmed straw hat.

Brinkley wowed fans online when she revealed that the swimsuit in the photos is actually more than four decades old.

"My bathing suit is from the '80’s and in the blink of an eye, a decade can pass and I’ll be pushing 80…because time flies when you’re having fun and I am 'WHEELY' having a great time!" she wrote.

Brinkley added that while she recently celebrated her 69th birthday on Feb. 2, it "literally feels like yesterday" that she was celebrating the "Big Five Oh."

Never one to shy away from discussing health, beauty, and aging gracefully, she also went on to share some of her wisdom with her followers.

"Joy is good for your health, your heart and your soul so schedule it in, squeeze it in, grab it at every opportunity, create it! Whatever your age…You will be happy you did!" she penned.

Fans were loving the throwback look, noting that Brinkley looked "stunning" in her '80s swimsuit.

"You look amazing! This is such a great message! I am heeding these wise words," shared a follower.

"Perfect! The '80s were good," added another.

"Your happiness shows! I can only imagine the amazing swimsuit collection you must have," wrote another.

Brinkley's sunny optimism also won over her followers, many of whom agreed with her philosophy on aging.

"You don’t look a day over 45!" one person wrote. "Forever young & beautiful inside and out! Your positivity soars."

"Great example of it's all about mindset. Have fun, hang out with your friends and family, and always be yourself," shared another.

"Yes! I just turned 70 and wish everyone knew how fast life passes and to enjoy every minute. I do. Laugh more. Care less," added a follower.

In honour of her recent birthday, Brinkley celebrated the day with a look back at some of her most iconic magazine covers.

She shared a heartfelt message on Instagram, claiming that the "days of hiding our age are over!"

"I'm 69 and I feel GRATEFUL! I’ve learned that gratitude, health and love are the keys to happiness," she wrote. "I have survived a lot, and what didn’t kill me, did indeed make me stronger, wiser, and I truly look at each day as a gift to celebrate!"

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