From Cold Beers To Mr. Whippys, These Are A Few Of Jodie Comer’s Summertime Must-Haves

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Jodie Comer’s Summertime Must-Haves Hearst Owned

If you should find yourself in the unlikely position of buying BAFTA, Emmy, Tony and Laurence Olivier award-winning actor Jodie Comer a drink this summer, she’ll have an ice cold pint of beer. ‘My summer drink of choice depends on the mood, but honestly, I feel like a cold pint is a nice summer drink,’ she tells ELLE UK in a game of 'Best of British: Summer'. ‘Pimm’s is great, but it's got to be well-made. You know when you get a Mojito or a Pimm’s and the mint leaves are brown, and the fruit doesn’t look great? I can’t really deal with that, but if it’s a good Pimm's then I’m in.'

If the Killing Eve star does find time in her schedule to unwind, the chances are that you may well find her in her native city of Liverpool ordering a treat from the ice-cream van. Her order of choice? ‘It’s got to be a Mr. Whippy, Flake, sauce, sherbet,’ she says. ‘Not many vans do sherbet anymore I’ve found, which is a travesty, but I feel like you’ve got to have the sherbet.’


Comer was alerted to her hometown’s lack of the traditional confection on a recent visit. ‘I was home in Liverpool the other week and I was walking along the dock, and I went to a van and got my Mr. Whippy, and it had a Flake in it and she had the sauce, but she had no sherbet,’ she adds. ‘Then I walked around the corner and there was another van and this kid emerged from behind the van and he just had a cone of sherbet, and I was like "F***"!’

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Of course, it’s unlikely that the star of upcoming crime drama The Bikeriders will have a moment to indulge in ice cold drinks or Mr. Whippys of any variety this summer. She will spend the next few months working, as she has for the past couple of years, while her friends attend Glastonbury later this month. Perhaps that's only fitting for the actor though, for whom hay-fever is the first thing that comes to mind when she thinks of a British summer anyway.

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‘It’s not glamorous, it’s not what you want, but it arrives anyway, and it seems to be getting worse,’ she explains, before adding that, on the positive side, a train journey accompanied by a Marks & Spencer tinned gin and tonic is a simple summer pleasure she loves. ‘I also think being in London on a summer evening is pretty beautiful.’

Watch the rest of Jodie Comer's Best of British video at the top of this article.

The Bikeriders will be released in UK cinemas on June 21.

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