Comedian Tells Us What It’s Like Being Married To A Man Hotter Than You

[Photo: Instagram/Celeste Barber]

Being married to someone (supposedly) out of your league must be bittersweet. Sure, you can gaze at them and wonder how on earth you managed to get them, but on the other hand, it must come with its downsides.

Wonder no more - a recent article by Australian comedian Celeste Barber reveals exactly what it’s like.

[Photo: Instagram/Celeste Barber]

Best known for funny recreations of iconic celebrity Instagram posts, Barber writes on Daily Life: “I’m married to a man who is universally hotter than me and it’s harder to live with than I originally thought.”

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m no dropped pie, but there isn’t a ‘hot wifey’ hashtag hanging around my neck.”

One of Barber’s hilarious celebrity Instagram recreations [Photo: Instagram/Celeste Barber]

In the piece she talks about how she met her husband “13 years ago when he was wearing head-to-toe cheese cloth, and had dreadlocks down to his far-too-fantastic bum”.

She says he’s “the kind of amazing that brings elderly, long-sighted strangers across busy streets as they feel compelled to let me know I’ve done pretty well for myself”.

[Photo: Instagram/Celeste Barber]

Barber explains how she realised early on in her relationship that “ground rules needed to be laid”:

“I am funny. You are hot. OK? I’m hilarious. You’re breathtaking. I believe this is something that needs to take place in any relationship when the roles are so obvious.

“And it needs to happen early, around the 'are you serious about flannelette sheets all year round?’ And 'do you wee in the shower?’ conversations.”

[Photo: Instagram/Celeste Barber]

As well as the lighter side of things, she has something to say about those who aren’t so kind. She says that her “handsome” sons are “the perfect mix of the two of us” but that the general public aren’t always so kind, implying that they got their looks from her other half.

To which she says: “I guess I should wear my tap shoes around more and really turn the tables on who’s the 'lucky’ one.”

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