Crumbl Is Making Cookie Cereal & Fans Are Divided

Dessert for breakfast just reached a new high now that Crumbl Cookies has its own cereal. The intriguing new product was recently spotted by Instagram user @costcoguy4u_ (who admits he can't stop eating it) at Costco for $6.49.

The pink box is easy to spot as you stroll the aisles at Costco because the cereal features the same minimalistic branding as the company's cookies.

The flavor is described as tasting like a "chocolatey chip cookie," and according to @costcoguy4u_, it's the best he's ever had. Unfortunately though, the comments under his Crumbl cereal post tell a much different story.

Those who have tried the new cereal had some pretty harsh words, and they didn't hold back. One user even rated it a 0 out of 10. Yikes.

"0/10. Tried it- waste of $5. The cardboard box my TV came in might have more flavor," they wrote.

"It’s gross! My whole family hated it. Waste of money….. Threw the entire box away," said one user.

Other people on social media were quick to come to the defense of an iconic cereal that this offering seems eerily similar too.

"They gentrified cookie crisp," one person declared.

"Cookie Crisp is the og, don’t need these knocks off 😂," another user added.

If you're eager to try Crumbl's new cereal, but you don't have a Costco membership, the cereal is also available at Target and Food Lion. You can even use Uber Eats to shop at Costco if you aren't a member.

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