Cybertruck Gets Stuck on Hill, Crashes Into Tree

It's Britney, Winch

Yet another Tesla Cybertruck has become woefully stuck on an off-roading track.

A new video shared by YouTube channel YotaFam Adventures shows the divisive pickup struggling to climb a dirt hill before bashing into a tree at the Hidden Falls Adventure Park, a rugged off-roading park just under an hour's drive from Tesla's Cybertruck factory in Austin, Texas.

The footage shows the truck helplessly spinning its wheels as it increasingly wedges itself into a small tree before being towed up the hill by another vehicle with a winch.

Videos of Cybertrucks struggling while off-roading have seemingly become an entire genre, with netizens basking in glee as they watch the truck getting hopelessly stuck.

"I will ABSOLUTELY LAUGH at any Cybertruck that tries to off-road," the video's top comment reads.

"Just don't forget to bring an ICE truck with a winch to save your ass when you get stuck," one user tweeted with a laughing emoji.

Oops, No Traction

The Cybertruck has emerged as a divisive piece of automotive engineering, in large part thanks to the cult surrounding its maker's contentious CEO Elon Musk.

Critics have also pointed out the truck's eye-watering price tag, highly unusual design, unnecessary bulk, and needlessly bulletproof (ish) exterior. Its range has also drawn plenty of scrutiny, covering far fewer miles on a single charge compared to its competitors.

Several videos of the truck struggling to make it off-road have circulated since the truck went on sale late last year, from struggling to clear a steep dirt road to literally having one of its wheels snap off.

But whether these instances can be chalked up to the design of Tesla's truck or user error remains something of a debate.

However, there seems to be a consensus about the kind of person that is drawn toward the Cybertruck.

"This car is really becoming a symbol for poor life choices," Sebastiaan de With, cofounder of the iPhone photography app Halide, tweeted after watching a Cybertruck get stuck on a California beach last month.

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