Dairy Queen Is Discontinuing Its Cherry-Dipped Cones And Fans Are Freaking Out

Just as people were finally getting over the shock of Starbucks discontinuing raspberry syrup, it appears that another fruity fast food favorite will soon be no more. After rumors began to surface on social media about Dairy Queen discontinuing its cherry-dipped cones, the restaurant has confirmed the news.

"At this time, the Cherry Dipped Cone at Dairy Queen is being discontinued,” a Dairy Queen spokesperson shared with Today. “That said, DQ is always rotating our dipped cone flavors and Cherry Dipped Cones may return in the future. Fans should check with their local DQ restaurant to learn which flavors are available.”

Prior to being confirmed by Dairy Queen, news of the discontinuation first bubbled up in a TikTok video made by a DQ employee.

As you can likely imagine, DQ fans have been torn apart by cherry-dipped cones getting the boot.

"Say it isn’t so, I just heard @DairyQueen is canceling the #cherry dipped cone. If I were still in my pregnancy craving days, I would rage. I hope this is a bad joke. It’s my favorite and the only thing I ever order," one user tweeted.

"Deeply disturbed, upset, and offended by the recent news that @DairyQueen is going to be discontinuing their cherry dipped cone. Betrayal doesn't even begin to describe how I'm feeling this morning. Summers will never be the same," a Twitter user wrote.

It really is so hard to say goodbye.

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