Debra Messing responds to viral report about being 'fed up' with Biden

Debra Messing seemingly responded to this week's viral report about her being "fed up" with President Joe Biden and apparently lamenting there's no point in voting. In a statement on social media, the Will & Grace star made it clear she still supports the president while voicing her frustration with the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade.

"I have supported President Biden with every incredible improvement he produces," Messing began, touting the president's unemployment rate among other talking points.

"However, when 51% of the country loses her right to decide what happens to her body, it is catastrophic. I want our leaders, who promised to fight to protect women's rights, to act with urgency and use every tool possible to protect the women of this country," Messing, 53, continued. "The Republicans have blocked every attempt to make women, constitutionally, equal to men. I support every Democrat who fights against the Government deciding what happens to women bodies. That includes my president."

Messing didn't exactly deny what was in the report, though.

On Tuesday, CNN published an article titled, "After string of Supreme Court setbacks, Democrats wonder whether Biden White House is capable of urgency moment demands." The article opened with an anecdote about Messing. The White House orchestrated a call with celebrity Democratic supporters last Monday and the actress was among the many "fed up" participants.

"Messing said she'd gotten Joe Biden elected and wanted to know why she was being asked to do anything at all, yelling that there didn't even seem a point to voting. Others wondered why the call was happening," CNN's Edward-Isaac Dovere wrote. "That afternoon, participants received a follow-up email with a list of basic talking points and suggestions of Biden speech clips to share on TikTok."

Three sources said the mood on the call was "fatalistic," with many wondering why it was even taking place. White House aides co-organized the meeting with the advocacy group Build Back Better Together.

Messing has yet to directly address the executive order President Biden signed on abortion access, but is retweeting positive messages.

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