How to Decorate Your Home Like a Quirky-Cool Brooklyn Brownstone

If there's one word that fits Brooklyn, it's cool. That's not saying that it is, in fact, a cool place all of the time, but spend a few minutes watching "Girls" or any movie located in this New York City borough, and you'll see that there's no one style that covers all Brooklyn homes. But even more than cool, Brooklyn is a melting pot for a lot of different things: people, culture, street art, restaurants--oh, and quirky home goods.

If you've ever wanted to channel a little bit of Brooklyn style into your own home decor, there are a few guidelines: Don't be afraid of an out-there piece of art, reclaimed wood is always a good thing, and embrace solid furniture colors. And the many makers who live in Brooklyn's neighborhoods are a huge part of its vibrant culture, so try to interject some handmade pieces into your home for a genuine straight-from-Brooklyn vibe.

Don't worry about matching patterns or themes throughout your Brooklyn-like home. Choose decor that speaks to you, and it'll all come together. Brooklyn-themed decor is friendly to all budgets--any local will be able to tell you that some of their favorite pieces came from a stoop sale or a kismet grab from the side of the street.

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Whether you're just looking for a new piece of art for that blank wall space or a full living room redo, there are plenty of things out there just waiting to give your space a dose of Brooklyn style. You don't have to travel to the borough to know what kinds of items you'd find frequenting a Williamsburg loft or a cozy studio in Brooklyn Heights--just turn on the TV. This is the one time you can use Netflix as an actual resource (we suggest "Broad City" or "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt").

Ahead, take a dive into our Brooklyn decor picks to get your design plans rolling.

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