Did 'Transparent' Bachelor Tell All? Heavy-Handed Grey's? Was The Rookie Rude? Was NCIS Doc OOC? More Qs!

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We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about lotsa shows including The Bachelor, NCIS, The Rookie, Bob Hearts Abishola and more!

1 | On The Way Home, how is no one wondering why Kat and Alice keep showing up with wet hair?

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NCIS Los Angeles
NCIS Los Angeles

2 |

LL Cool J is built like a brick house. So why did NCIS: LA‘s Sam wear not just long sleeves but layers for his bare-knuckle boxing match against a tank-topped opponent?

3 | Were you surprised that The Company You Keep‘s Charlie learned Emma is a CIA officer so quickly? And what do you think, did she recognize him at the exchange with Connor?

4 | What tickled you more — when Magnum P.I.‘s Thomas came clean to the guys about him and Juliet being together (because he is now so happy!), or the first #Miggy PDA that came after?

5 | Why did The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Ridge have to abandon his family and business for months to take part in an FBI investigation that, so far as we can tell, involved him doing nothing but growing out his hair, sitting in a room and trading quips with Bill?

6 |

Bob Hearts Abishola
Bob Hearts Abishola

After Bob Hearts Abishola did such a beautiful job with Bob and Abishola’s traditional Nigerian wedding in Season 3, don’t you wish we’d seen more of the traditional Nigerian funeral processional for Abishola’s aunt? We’re also curious: Does the MaxDot sock factory have any other employees besides Bob, Kofo and Uncle Tunde? Or will the three of them be manning the machines — or is it just the one machine, as Bob was seen using in Monday’s episode — themselves?

7 | On The Neighborhood, were you expecting them to reveal that the (poorly CGI’d) mountain lion, not a raccoon, had broken into the Butlers’ home — especially after spending a third of the episode on Calvin and Tina’s unwelcome visitor? And was the local news reveal that the 100-year-old skydiver did, in fact, die after jumping out of a plane the darkest joke in the sitcom’s 99-episode history?

The Neighborhood Mountain Lion
The Neighborhood Mountain Lion

8 | We get that NCIS‘ Jimmy has been through a lot, is “the father of a daughter” and all that… but wasn’t his plan to menacingly approach Victoria’s male friend a bit extreme/OOC for the straight-arrow doc?

9 | How did The Bachelor‘s Kaity suss out that Gabi was the one Zach slept with? Did Zach go ahead and sleep with Kaity, since his pledge was already broken? And did he ever tell Ariel about what happened with Gabi before he dumped her, since he’s now being “fully transparent,” or nah?

10 | Didn’t anyone else find it odd that Quantum Leap‘s Addison and Ben didn’t anticipate Martinez betraying them? Why didn’t Ben push to crawl up before him?

11 | Superman & Lois viewers, any early theories on who Onomatopoeia is? Clearly a slender woman….

12 | Be honest, 9-1-1: Lone Star viewers — how long did it take you to realize that “Mouse” was merely a figment of Marjan’s imagination?

13 | Did Gotham Knights take considerable liberties with the grappling gun that Carrie used, with her not looking to see where the far end had attached, and how it supported Turner & Co. as they zip-lined, together, what felt like 20 city blocks?

14 | On The Rookie, IRL wouldn’t it be in bad taste for everyone to consistently refer to use the “Dim” nickname when speaking to a documentary crew about Jake Butler’s death?

15 |

Was anyone else waiting for The Mandalorian‘s rescue party to call the raptor-snatched foundling by a name, any name, instead of always “the child”? As if no one knew him? (When he was no less than Paz’s son!) And were you relieved that we got to see Katee Sackhoff’s face again so soon?

16 | On Snowfall, will this week’s big death be enough to get Louie and Franklin back on the same page? And how crushed were you that [Spoiler] died after resolving to get out of the crack game?

17 | When Chicago Fire‘s Violet commented on Carver’s car, then watched him sell it and asked Seager if they were a thing, did you think something was being planted between Violet and Carver? Or are we reading too much into it?

Survivor Carolyn
Survivor Carolyn

18 |

Are the other members of Survivor‘s Tika tribe totally underestimating Carolyn? And is the lovable Yam Yam perhaps getting a bit too cocky?

19 | Given that Chicago P.D.‘s Voight went off the books this week  and Jesse Lee Soffer directing, did it make you miss Halstead even more?

20 | To echo several TVLine readers: If CBS wants True Lies to succeed, wouldn’t it make more sense to slide it to 9 pm behind new episodes of Survivor, rather than leave it to fend for itself at 10 pm, behind procedural reruns?

21 | When the women of The Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip argued about periods and black eyes aboard a boat at sea, did you also wonder: How many boat rides from Hell do we have to endure before water travel on Housewives is finally banned?

22 | Has Station 19 ever gone a week without a firefighter taking some action or another that leaves them at risk of being pink-slipped?

23 | Was Grey’s Anatomy‘s foreshadowing so heavy-handed that it wasn’t of question of whether something would happen to the pregnant OB/GYN or expectant patient Andra but to which one it would happen?

24 | “This is a dish to save your life”?? Could Next Level Chef mentor Nyesha be more dramatic?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share! 

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