Dina Pugliese opens up about aging on 49th birthday: 'A reason they call it the F it 40s'

The former "Breakfast Television" host penned a heartfelt caption explaining the "reason they call it the 'f—-it 40s.'"

Dina Pugliese opened up feeling a
Dina Pugliese opened up feeling a "sense of calm and peace" on her 49th birthday. (Instagram/ @dina.pugliese)

Dina Pugliese is entering the last year of her 40s feeling peaceful.

On Monday, the former "Breakfast Television" host took to Instagram with a "beaming" selfie and inspiring caption marking her 49th birthday. In the snap, Pugliese posed in a black tank top, wearing her hair in loose curls and a soft, natural makeup look.

The Toronto-native penned a heartfelt caption reflecting on her 40s, explaining the "reason they call it the 'f—-it 40s,'" in the post.

"You come into your own. You realize what’s what. You tolerate less crap. You’re all about quality time with quality people. You’re OK with saying 'no' to things. You’re acutely aware of how short life is. How precious good health is," she wrote. Pugliese admitted she felt "overwhelmed" when she turned 40, prompting her to make "big changes."

"There was a constant feeling of life being in limbo, nothing certain, nothing firm beneath my feet. For all that I couldn’t control, there were things that I could. So at 40, I made some big changes."

Pugliese "stopped drinking wine every day," and made an effort to be more active.

"Now, at 49, I feel a deep sense of calm and peace," she shared. "I stepped back from a career that I adored (and will be forever grateful for). I have been pouring myself into family and travel and my clean beauty brand."

"I have a ton more injuries and grey hairs to show for the last few years, but I am so thankful for all of it," she concluded.

In the comments, fans met Pugliese's post with praise for "handling aging with grace."

"Thank you for being a positive light for so many of us!," one fan shared.

"Handling aging with grace can be so difficult but you nailed it! I love this honesty. Here's to 49! You're beaming and beautiful," an Instagram user wrote.

Another added: "Your grace at handling every age and situation is so admirable."

"You are an inspiration," someone wrote.

One person commented: "Wholeheartedly agree with all that you say!"

In February, Pugliese announced she was leaving "Breakfast Television" due to feeling burnt out, and shifting her focus to family and her clean beauty business, The Care Principle.

"I have decided to close this incredible chapter of my life and step down as co-host of 'BT,'" she began. "It's been an unbelievable 16+ years ."

Pugliese continued: "I'm acutely aware of how precious good health is and how short life is."

She shared that she wants to ditch her alarm clock, stay awake past 6:30 p.m., and spend "quality time with family and travelling with my husband."

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