Dina Pugliese is leaving Breakfast Television due to burnout — and her fans are praising her

Dina Pugliese is leaving Breakfast Television due to burnout — and her fans are praising her

Dina Pugliese is leaving "the nest" after more than a decade and a half.

On Wednesday, the "Breakfast Television" host took to Instagram to announce that she will be leaving the show due to feeling burnt out, and shifting her focus to family and her clean beauty business.

The Toronto-based news personality shared a carousel of text images, detailing her decision and her plans going forward.

"I have decided to close this incredible chapter of my life and step down as co-host of 'BT,'" she began. "It's been an unbelievable 16+ years ."

She called her time on the show "a true blessing — one that I never took for granted and never will."

"But these crazy early hours also require a ton of sacrifice. The 2:30 a.m. alarm clock never gets any easier and eventually, it takes a toll."

Pugliese continued: "I'm acutely aware of how precious good health is and how short life is."

She shared that she wants to ditch her alarm clock, stay awake past 6:30 p.m., and spend "quality time with family and travelling with my husband."

"I feel like now is the perfect time to leave the nest," Pugliese went on, adding that her plan going forward is to dedicate time to "my clean beauty line, The Care Principle."

"A message from me to you. Love you more than words can say," she captioned the post for her more than 138,000 followers.

In the comments, Pugliese's post garnered praise for respecting her limits and reprioritizing her time.

"I’m so happy you’re putting yourself first and wanting to take it easy and rest," an Instagram user commented, while another wrote, "You'll be missed, but I'm so happy to see you actually doing something for you."

"Prioritizing yourself, your health, and your family is always the right decision," someone else added.

"I’m so inspired by your choice to put life and health first," another shared.

"It takes a toll and it’s so important you listen to your body. Enjoy the next chapter!" a fan chimed in.

Last month, the Toronto-based TV personality a photo of her 12-year-old self alongside a caption about self-esteem and the pressures of social media.

"This is 12-year-old me. Weird glasses. Even weirder hair. Riddled with low self-esteem (even with a super loving family). Now take whatever self-critical thoughts I had in my head back then and multiply it by about 10,000. That number is still not enough to explain what kids (and we adults) take on mentally today," she wrote.

Pugliese explained that while social media can be "amazing," it can also be "taxing, draining and toxic."

"We are who we hang around. We are what we eat. And we are what we consume here too. If you feel you need a break (digital or otherwise). Please take one. If you think you need help. Please ask for it. The world can be so hard. And it can also be so beautiful," she penned.

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