Canadian TV host gets real about the impacts of social media: 'Draining and toxic'

The "Breakfast Television" host took to Instagram to share a photo of her 12-year-old self.

Dina Pugliese opened up about her mammogram on Instagram (Photo via Instagram/dina.pugliese)
Canadian TV host Dina Pugliese spoke about self-esteem and social media. (Photo via Instagram/dina.pugliese)

Dina Pugliese is getting real about the impacts of the online world.

On Wednesday, the "Breakfast Television" host took to Instagram to share a photo of her 12-year-old self alongside a caption about self-esteem and social media.

The Toronto-based personality has been vocal about perfection and beauty standards in the past, and this post is no exception.

In the photo, a young Pugliese wore round, clear-framed glasses, dangling earrings and a white T-shirt.

In the caption, the 48-year-old opened up about the pressure many people face amidst the social media era, and how it can affect mental health.

"This is 12-year-old me. Weird glasses. Even weirder hair. Riddled with low self-esteem (even with a super loving family). Now take whatever self-critical thoughts I had in my head back then and multiply it by about 10,000. That number is still not enough to explain what kids (and we adults) take on mentally today," she penned to her 139,000 followers.

Pugliese went on to explain that although social media can be "amazing," it can also be "taxing, draining and toxic." She went on to encourage her fans to disconnect and ask for help if needed.

"We are who we hang around. We are what we eat. And we are what we consume here too. If you feel you need a break (digital or otherwise). Please take one. If you think you need help. Please ask for it. The world can be so hard. And it can also be so beautiful," she wrote.

The TV host ended her caption with an inspirational message.

" ... Things will get better even if they feel impossible right now. Choose to be kind to others. And remember to be kind to yourself," she said. "For all of the self-doubting kids and teens and tweens (and adults) who need to hear this today, you’re going to be ok. Reach out to one person. It’s a start."

In the comments, fans praised Pugliese for "keeping it real."

"The pressure is real. Don’t let it define us and protect our mental health," commented a follower.

"This message is crucial for all of us," shared someone else.

"You are amazing! Such an inspiration to so many of us. Thanks for everything you do and always keeping it real," added another.

"You remind me there is hope, and it's important to love myself," wrote a fan.

In November, Pugliese spoke about the importance of body positivity in the media — and the impact it has on the public.

In the Instagram video, she gave an important piece of advice for women trying to love themselves and their bodies.

"...Share your story but we have to be careful about beauty ideals we’re putting out there because there’s a lot of young impressionable people who are trying to figure stuff out…you don’t have to deprive yourself to be cover worthy," Pugliese explained.

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