Dina Pugliese opens up about breast ultrasound: 'Awareness is key'

"What’s scarier than having these tests done is not knowing and avoiding them altogether."

Dina Pugliese opens up about breast ultrasound: 'Awareness is key'

Dina Pugliese is opening up to fans about her health.

On Thursday, the former "Breakfast Television" host took to Instagram to open up to her followers about getting a breast ultrasound.

"Months after my very first mammogram I checked this important step off of the list: A breast ultrasound," Pugliese penned in the caption. "For anyone with dense breasts, this is a test your doctor might/should recommend."

Pugliese shared a selfie wearing a mask and a hospital gown. She paired the photo with a screenshot of a text image shared by Katie Couric about dense breast tissue.

According to Mayo Clinic, "1 in 10 women" have "extremely dense" breast tissue. While it is a common finding, women with dense breasts "are considered to have a higher risk of breast cancer than average."

"Awareness is key," she continued. "Be your own advocate. What’s scarier than having these tests done is not knowing and avoiding them altogether. Please remember to take good care of you."

In the comments, fans praised Pugliese for raising awareness about an important issue, including fellow Canadian TV personality and breast cancer survivor, Jeanne Beker.

"Thank you for helping to raise awareness dear Dina," Beker penned. "I’m dismayed by the fear that continues to run rampant, and by some of the misinformation that’s out there. We must be our own advocates and really do our own research. Also, remember that everyone’s story/case/situation/physiology is different. Normalizing the conversation around breast cancer is paramount."

Another Instagram user commented: "Such an important message!"

"Thank you for sharing and using this platform to educate," a fan wrote.

"Such an important thing to start normalizing. Women's issues are so often overlooked in medicine and information can be scarce. Thank you for sharing this!" someone else weighed in.

Last month, Pugliese announced she was leaving her job at "Breakfast Television" due to feeling burnt out, and shifting her focus back to herself.

"These crazy early hours also require a ton of sacrifice. The 2:30 a.m. alarm clock never gets any easier and eventually, it takes a toll," she shared, adding, "I'm acutely aware of how precious good health is and how short life is."

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