DIY St. Patrick's Day Decorations to Add Luck to Your Holiday

shamrock garland
Easy DIY St. Patrick's Day Decorationscolnihko

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March 17 is just around the corner, so it's time to start thinking about, planning, and making unique St. Patrick’s Day decorations to help gussy-up your house. For seasonal touches, try the gold shamrock mason jars or the framed moss four leaf clover, both of which are perfect for displaying during the weeks leading up to St. Paddy’s Day. If you want a few fun touches to add to your celebration and to complement your St. Patrick’s Day recipes, there are so many great ideas, like a sparkly clover garland that will look perfect draped around the buffet. The leprechaun hat treat cup is a great option for the kids’ to craft, and the St. Patrick’s Day napkin wraps are ideal for setting a festive table for a dinner party with family and friends.

Many of these decorations are printables of St. Patrick’s Day quotes, so the projects will be quick and easy to pull together. You can even create some of these decor ideas with your kids, like the glittery leprechaun hat or rainbow terrariums. These easy DIY St. Patrick’s Day decorations will ensure a giddy time, whether you’re snacking on some St. Patrick’s Day desserts with friends or throwing a fun party for the kids and their class. If you’re looking for a few DIY St. Patrick’s Day crafts to jazz-up your space, then this list has just what you need.

Oversized Clover Wreath

Welcome guests to your St. Patrick’s Day party with a door adorned with an oversized four-leaf clover made from moss and natural rope.

To make: Cut a large four-leaf clover from 1/4-inch thick foam core or sturdy cardboard. Use hot glue to attach reindeer moss to the leaves of the clover. Wrap the stem in a thin natural rope, attaching it with hot glue. Attach a length of ribbon to the back of leaf, opposite the stem, for hanging.

a four leaf clover wreath covered in moss with a rope stem hung on a dark green door
Becky Stayner - Hearst Owned

Pillow with Painted Four-Leaf Clovers

Freehand paint a few four-leaf clovers on a natural-colored pillow cover to create a bit of sophisticated St. Patrick’s Day decor to your house.

To make: Start by removing the pillow insert if applicable. Draw clovers on the cover using a disappearing pen. Paint clover using several different colors of green fabric paint, mixing the colors together slightly to great texture and highlights. Once dry, stuff with insert.

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a linen pillow with green four leaf clovers painted on the front resting on a white chair behind a small stack of green books
Becky Stayner - Hearst Owned

Leprechaun Mason Jar with Gold-Wrapped Candy

Set out this pot of gold, brought to you by your friendly leprechaun, on your party buffet or gift to a teacher.

To make: Paint the inside of a Mason jar with green craft or spray paint. Wrap a length of black ribbon around the lower part of the jar to create a belt. Top with a piece of yellow felt that’s fashioned into a buckle with hot glue. Fill with individually wrapped gold chocolates.

a mason jar painted green with a belt to look like a leprechaun filled with gold wrapped candy
Becky Stayner - Hearst Owned

Mason Jar with Four-Leaf Clover Tags

Decorate the party buffet with this sweet green mason jar with candy. Adding a four-leaf clover tags will let the guests know what's inside.

To make: Use a craft punch or cut out four-leaf clovers from green craft paper. Use a mini circle hole punch to make a small hole in each clover. Thread thin twine through the holes and tie to a length of ribbon. Fill a green mason jar with candy (we used green peanut M&M’s) then tie the ribbon around the lid of the jar and seal.

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green mason jar filled green candy with four leaf clover tags hanging from the lid
Becky Stayner - Hearst Owned

Clover Garland

Bring a little luck to you house with this sweet four-leaf clover garland. No special tools or supplies needed–you’ll probably have everything you need in your craft box!

To make: Tear pages from a book or copy them onto off-white printer paper. Cut the pages into 3 3/4-inch-wide by 5-inch-tall flags. Cut out clovers from green craft paper and glue to the flags. Use a small hole punch to a hole in the corner of each flag. Thread twine through holes and hang!!

a banner made from book pages cut into the shape of flags with green paper four leaf clovers attached to the front hung on a mantel
Becky Stayner - Hearst Owned

Hat Decor

The house is decorated and the party snacks are prepped, why not give yourself a little bling, too, with a sparkly four leaf clover pin. Pin it to a baseball cap, lapel, or strap of a bag. It'll guaranteed you don't get pinched!

To make: Paint glue on a small wooden four leaf clover then sprinkle with green sparkly glitter. When dry glue a small metal bar pin to the back.

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sparkly green st patricks day clover pin on a blue baseball hat
Ian Palmer

Clover Garland

To up the ante on the decor at your St Paddy's Day party, try draping these sparkling clover garland over the buffet or hanging from the chandelier—hopefully that won't be where your guests will end up, too!

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st patricks day garland made of sparkly clovers

Pot of Gold Hanging Mobile

Gold, or mini yellow pom-poms? Either way, craft this DIY hanging mobile and lots of luck and riches will surely come your way!

To make: Cut 1-inch-wide strips of paper from colored craft paper. Use a hole-punch to make a hole in the middle of each strip of paper; stack paper in the order of the rainbow. Thread a piece of twine through holes, knotting it just above and below the paper to hold paper in place. Fold a piece of black craft paper in half and cut out a pot shape, so that you have two identical pieces. Cut out two dome-shaped pieces of yellow craft paper and sandwich between the black pieces, gluing everything together. Glue mini yellow pom-poms to the yellow paper. Punch a hole at the top of the yellow dome, and thread twine through, securing with a knot. Cut out mini clovers from green craft paper and glue to the front and back of the pot; outline with a white pen if desired.

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st patricks day pot of gold mobile
Ian Palmer

Tissue Paper Four-Leaf Clover Ornament

This sweet four-leaf clover ornament will look equally cute hanging from a magnet on the fridge or on the front door. Make it as small or large as desired.

To make: Tear light green, dark green, and white tissue paper into small pieces. Lay pieces in between self-sealing laminating pouches; seal. Cut out a four-leaf clover shape. Punch a small hole in the top of the clover with a small hole-punch. Thread ribbon through the hole and hang.

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green clover ornament
Ian Palmer

Feelin' Lucky Shadow Box

Cutouts of pots of gold and rainbows would also be great additions to this cute shadow box idea.

Get the tutorial at Houseful of Handmade.

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st patricks day decorations shadow box
Houseful of Handmade

Rainbow Sand Art Shamrock Terrariums

You'll want to keep these bright, sparkling terrariums in your room all year long. The best part? There's no watering required!

Get the tutorial at Average Inspired.

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st patricks day decorations rainbow terrariums
Average Inspired

Crochet Rainbow Pot of Gold Wreath

If you've got a knack for crocheting, this adorable St. Patrick's Day wreath pattern will spruce up your front door just in time for March 17.

Get the tutorial at Skip to My Lou.

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st patricks day decorations crochet wreath
Skip to My Lou

St. Patrick's Day Printable Art

You can print out this sweet message to put in a frame for St. Patrick's Day.

Get the tutorial at Blooming Homestead.

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st patricks day decorations printable art
Blooming Homestead

Leprechaun Hat St. Patrick's Day Treat Cup

Put these cheerful Leprechaun hats together for your party guests to enjoy their snacks in.

Get the tutorial at Happiness Is Homemade.

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st patricks day decorations treat cup
Happiness Is Homemade

St. Patrick's Day Print

Hang up this sweet message if you're throwing a St. Patrick's Day party with friends to remind them how lucky they make you feel.

Get the tutorial at The Craft Patch.

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st patricks day decorations print
The Craft Patch

Printable St. Patrick's Day Napkin Wraps

If you're throwing a St. Paddy's Day party, these printable napkin wraps are great to spruce up any table.

Get the tutorial at The Craft Patch.

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st patricks day decorations napkin wraps
The Craft Patch

DIY Glitter Leprechaun Hat

You can make these sparkling green hats with your kids to decorate throughout your house.

Get the tutorial at Kid Friendly Things to Do.

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st patricks day decorations leprechaun hat
Kid Friendly Things To Do

St. Patrick's Day Clothesline Art

This easy DIY clothesline craft requires only a few supplies and can be put together quickly.

Get the tutorial at Artsy Fartsy Mama.

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st patricks day decorations clothesline
Artsy Fartsy Mama

St. Patrick's Day Wreath

We love this lucky burlap wreath dotted with glitter and festooned in felt.

Get the tutorial at Flamingo Toes.

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lucky st patricks day wreath
lucky st patricks day wreathFlamingo Toes

Gold Shamrock Mason Jar

Throw a few florals (maybe even some bells of Ireland) into a gilded vase stamped with shamrocks for instant St. Patrick's Day decor.

Get the tutorial at Mason Jar Crafts.

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mason jar craft painted gold, decorated with tiny green painted shamrocks, st patrick's day craft for adults
Mason Jar Crafts

DIY Celtic Knot Coasters

These cute coasters are a clever way to use leftover yarn from your knitting projects.

Get the tutorial at We Are Knitters.

diy celtic knot coasters
Courtesy of We Are Knitters

St. Patrick's Day Centerpiece With Green Jars

The hue makes them festive enough for St. Patrick's Day, but these jars are so pretty you'll want to leave them out all spring!

Get the tutorial at Cottage at the Crossroads.

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st patricks day centerpiece
Courtesy of Cottage at the Crossroads

St. Patrick's Tree Decor

With some green and yellow jelly beans, glittery shamrocks, and twigs from outside, you can make this eye-catching decoration.

Get the tutorial at It's My Life, Storm.

Branch, Ikebana, Flowerpot, Twig, Houseplant, Plant, Tree, Art, Flower, Floral design,
Courtesy of It's My Life, Storm

Festive Shamrock Wreath

Why pay an arm and a leg for a festive wreath that will only be up for a limited time? This blogger found all her supplies at a dollar store!

Get the tutorial at The DIY Playbook.

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Green, Leaf, Plant, Shamrock, Wreath, Clover, Symbol, Saint patrick's day, Christmas decoration, Flower,
Courtesy of The DIY Playbook

St. Patrick's Day Centerpieces

Dried split peas give these centerpieces a pop of vibrant color.

Get the tutorial at Two Twenty One.

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Green, Candle, Lighting, Room, Table, Centrepiece, Glass, Interior design, Plant, Interior design,
Courtesy of Two Twenty One

Framed Moss Shamrock

We love the vintage look of this moss design inside a white frame.

Get the tutorial at StowandTellU.

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Plant, Twig, Grass, Tree, Herb, Moss, Branch, Houseplant, Non-vascular land plant, Flowerpot,
Courtesy of StowandTellU

Leprechaun Belt Cups

Forget red solo cups, and go for these spirited cups instead.

Get the tutorial at Cutefetti.

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Green, Coffee cup sleeve, Turquoise, Flowerpot, Cup, Drinkware, Tableware, Cup, Plastic, Coffee cup,
Courtesy of Cutefetti

DIY Lucky Pillow for St. Patrick's Day

Add a pop of green to your couch with this adorable pillow cover.

Get the tutorial at Jedi Craft Girl.

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Pillow, Throw pillow, Green, Cushion, Furniture, Textile, Linens, Font, Shamrock, Clover,
Courtesy of Jedi Craft Girl

Luck of the Leprechaun Hat Centerpiece

This "reverse planter" functions as a gorgeous centerpiece for your dining room table or entryway.

Get the tutorial at 21 Rosemary Lane.

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Flower, Floristry, Flower Arranging, Floral design, Bouquet, Cut flowers, Plant, Flowerpot, Vase, Artificial flower,
Courtesy of 21 Rosemary Lane

Framed Shamrock Print

You can create this piece by printing a shamrock graphic onto old dictionary paper and placing it in a vintage-looking frame.

Get the tutorial at Organized Clutter.

Plant, Flower, Botany, Leaf, Flowerpot, Still life, Houseplant, Herb, Picture frame, Morning glory,
Courtesy of Organized Clutter

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