Dollar Tree Has a Copycat Container Store Storage Bin for Only $1.25

These are the best thing to happen to my pantry!

<p>Dotdash Meredith / Janet Maples</p>

Dotdash Meredith / Janet Maples

I wasn’t planning on going to Dollar Tree this week, but just as I wasn’t planning to go to Aldi last week until I found out about its $3 garlic chopper (it works really well, by the way), I am now trying to figure out when to fit in a trip to Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree, which rarely has anything for a dollar these days, can be a great place to shop for some inexpensive pantry staples—even if many of them are off-brand—and can also be a decent place to get home organizational goods, particularly if you’re not too concerned about your aesthetic behind closed closet doors.

According to the Instagram account Sensational Finds, the store currently has stackable storage that seems like a great find. If they’re everything they seem to be, this is one of the best budget-friendly organizing products I’ve ever seen.

Dollar Tree’s Collapsible, Stackable, Affordable Bins

The Instagram video shows Sarah, the voice behind the account, transforming the flattened bins in seconds. In her caption, she writes, “OMG! Dollar Tree has new collapsible bins that come with handles and are STACKABLE. I promise you, once you see how well these $1.25 bins work, you’ll regret walking past them. They come in white, black and gray and are one of my favorite finds so far in 2024!”

The flattened bin pops right up into storage crates with no assembly required, and they have handles that fold back so they don’t impede stacking. She stacks three on each other, saying the combined bins are 18.5 inches tall. I went straight to my bathroom closet and measured the space between shelves. I can stack two of them on a shelf.

From the comments, it seems that there are two sizes of bins, and it looks like the ones shown in the video are the smaller size. I tried to find the bins on Dollar Tree's website for dimensions, but they aren't listed (but rest assured, many Instagram commenters said they found the bins in their local Dollar Trees). I found the basket labels Sarah uses in the video, and they're $1.25 each online.

Commenters also had plenty of ideas for using these stackable bins. "I bought a bunch of those for my craft supplies, meds etc. I absolutely love them," one follower said. Another said these would be "great for groceries," adding that they would hold up better than plastic bags. Someone else mentioned that a teacher she knows bought one for each kid in her classroom.

If I can find them in stock, I plan to use them in the bathroom closet for the soap, toothpaste, and shampoo I stock up on when they're on sale—the ones that tend to become a jumbled mess no matter how often I put them in neat rows.

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