Report: Don Cherry to debut new podcast

After being fired by Sportsnet for his comments during his previously weekly ‘Coach’s Corner’ segment, Don Cherry has decided to create a new podcast, called ‘Grapevine,’ according to Joe Warmington of the Toronto Sun.

The plan is to release it every Monday, according to Don’s son, Tim Cherry. The first episode will purportedly address Don’s removal from Sportsnet.

Tim also noted that while the plan is for the show to begin as an audio-only format, there is a possibility that it becomes a full-fledged television production.

“We are talking hockey, of course. It’s going to be terrific. In this one I am talking about The Rocket (Maurice Richard), one of the all-time greats,” Cherry said.

Cherry will co-host the show with Tim, and his grandson, Del.

The name “Grapevine” is being recycled from Don’s previous show on a local television station in Hamilton, Ontario.

Cherry has not apologized for his ‘you people’ comment despite an overwhelming amount of complaints filed to the Canada Broadcast Standards Council.

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