Drew Barrymore Shares Fresh-Faced Selfie: ‘No Filter. No BS. Just Me’

Maria Pasquini
Drew Barrymore Shares Fresh-Faced Selfie: ‘No Filter. No BS. Just Me’

Drew Barrymore loves makeup — but she’s not afraid to step away from the glam.

On Tuesday morning, the Flower Beauty founder, 44, shared an unfiltered photo of herself.

“No filter. No BS. Just me,” she captioned the snap.

Sharing a similar au naturel picture the previous day, Barrymore revealed the one product she had on her face to give her that lit from within glow.

“For any beauty junkies,” she wrote, “on my face is @nowfoodsofficial pure vitamin e oil.”

“It’s the best to just slather on. It has a dropper and it is very clean. Check it ladies who like to glow! Inside and out!” she added.

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In a recent interview, Barrymore opened up about how motherhood changed her vision of beauty, and the ways she’s communicating that to her daughters.

“I’m now determined more than ever to show my daughters that aging is a luxury. If we’re lucky, we are all going to age. I just want them to be at peace with who they are and not what they look like,” Barrymore told NewBeauty of the lessons she’s teaching Olive, 6 and Frankie, 4.

Drew Barrymore | Drew Barrymore/Instagram
Drew Barrymore | Drew Barrymore/Instagram

Barrymore has been continually sharing more makeup-free selfies.

In August of last year, Barrymore showed off her bare beauty in a sunny selfie as she opened up about finding inner peace.

“Happy and taking the advice of the wise ones. Somehow things are being put into practice,” she captioned the image, hours after sharing a quote which read, “She is at a place in her life where peace is her priority and negativity cannot exist.”

Drew Barrymore | Drew Barrymore Instagram
Drew Barrymore | Drew Barrymore Instagram

That summer, Barrymore also posted another makeup-free selfie with pal Cameron Diaz, 46.

“Her and I are like sisters, and we see each other all the time, and it was just sort of where we are today,” she told PEOPLE at Beautycon Festival in Los Angeles, as she opened up about the story behind the image. “In some ways just another day in our world, but I felt like sharing it. I love her.”

“We’d just come from a workout. We feel good. We’re not wearing any makeup, and we’re just girls being ourselves. And sometimes all makeup and beauty fun aside, it’s just about the raw, honest, post workout look, you know? Just be you,” she added.

Explaining why she frequently posts no-makeup pictures on Instagram, Barrymore told PEOPLE last year that she finds it “empowering.”

“That’s what you really look like — and I have no interest in sort of pretending I look something else than what I am,” she said. “I love wearing makeup, but I also love not wearing makeup.”