Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William urged not to have a third baby

Is it anyone’s business if the Duchess of Cambridge wants to have more kids? [Photo: PA]
Is it anyone’s business if the Duchess of Cambridge wants to have more kids? [Photo: PA]

The Duchess of Cambridge may have dropped a little hint that more babies could be on the cards, but a family planning organisation in the US has urged the royal couple to rethink the idea of adding to their family.

ICYMI on a recent royal tour of Poland, the Duchess was given a toy for newborns, leading to her turning to William to joke: “We will just have to have more babies.”

But while royal fans collectively rejoiced at the thought of another royal cuteness like Prince George and Princess Charlotte, it turns out not everyone was quite so thrilled by the idea.

Having Kids – a family planning group in favour of small families – have written an open letter to Kate and William, urging them not to have any more children.

“We read with interest your ​statements​ about having more children,” the letter begins. “Our organisation, ​Having Kids​, promotes a sustainable and child-centered family planning model, and we wanted to offer a few thoughts for your consideration.”

A family planning organisation has urged the royal family not to have more kids [Photo: PA]
A family planning organisation has urged the royal family not to have more kids [Photo: PA]

Explaining that many people view the royal family as role models, the organisation goes on to say that because of that Prince William and Kate should set an example when it comes to family planning.

According to the letter, which is signed by Having Kids’ executive director Anne Green, having fewer children could help curb climate change and its impacts, such as heatwaves, flooding and wildlife extinction.

“All of us – especially public figures – should plan our families with the future environment in mind, producing a smaller and more resilient populace capable of thriving in that environment,” the letter reads.

“Of course, we know that Prince George and Princess Charlotte are certain to have wonderful lives, protected from the deprivation of poverty and the threat of environmental degradation.”

“They will receive optimal amounts of care and attention, as well as the best possible education.”

“But the same can’t be said of every future child.”

Having Kids have said it isn’t sustainable for the royal family to have more children? [Photo: PA]
Having Kids have said it isn’t sustainable for the royal family to have more children? [Photo: PA]

The organisation ended the letter by asking the couple reconsider having more children and instead “[take] part of the substantial resources saved to help a different family plan a fair start in life for their child.”

“Family planning should be child-centered, and the Fair Start model is a serious move towards ensuring all children get the equal opportunities in life they deserve,” they write. “And that they do so in a healthy, safe, and greener environment.”

Since the letter’s release, people have taken to social media to give their thoughts with many people claiming that a couple’s decision regarding family size is personal choice.

“You have no right to ask them to do this, it’s none of your business. Hope they have more now just 2 p*** you off! The cheek of it!” one user tweeted.

“Why don’t you mind your own business. Having babies is a personal choice,” added another.

Others have wondered why Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge have been targeted specifically and suggested the organisation might be better off directing their energy into regions who don’t have access to family planning information and advice.

“Why not instead try educating those who don’t have access to information on good family planning. Those not well off with 5/6 children?” one Twitter user wrote.

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[Photo: Twitter]
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[Photo: Twitter]

Having Kids has since responded to the backlash, explaining why they chose to focus on the royal couple claiming that William and Kate can lead by example, given their public stature, and that “the impact the wealthiest families have on the environment dwarfs the impact of children born in the developing world”.

They added that: “given exponential growth, large families – wherever they may be – are simply not sustainable.”

It’s likely Kate and William are used to the speculation surrounding their family size –bookies odds on the couple announcing a third pregnancy are often being slashed.

Even so, an organisation giving such strong opinions, well-formed or not, on what is ultimately a personal decision is a step too far for some royal fans.

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