Elisabeth Röhm opens up about infertility on Hilaria Baldwin's podcast: 'Powerless'

Röhm was a special guest on Hilaria Baldwin's podcast, Witches Anonymous.

Elisabeth Röhm was a special guest on Hilaria Baldwin's podcast. (Photo by ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images)
Elisabeth Röhm was a special guest on Hilaria Baldwin's podcast. (Photo by ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images)

Elisabeth Röhm and Hilaria Baldwin are opening up about parenting.

On Monday, Baldwin released the seventh episode of her podcast Witches Anonymous, which she co-hosts with Michelle Campbell Mason.

The podcast delves into topics such as social media, mental health, aging and pregnancy in order to inspire and motivate women — and to let them know they aren't alone.

The seventh instalment featured Röhm, a writer and actress who's starred in films and shows including "Law & Order," "American Hustle" and "Joy." In the episode, her and Baldwin discussed the highs and lows of motherhood, as well as the pressure many mothers feel when it comes to the "bottle vs. breastfeeding" decision.

Röhm began by explaining that as a motherhood blogger for People, she connected with many women from around the world going through similar issues.

"The more truth I began to tell about my own personal experience, the more took off...the blogging experience was a great joy for several years as I talked about so many topics with women including infertility, feeding and more," the 49-year-old said.

At age 34, the actress discovered she had infertility issues and suffered an influx of judgement and shame.

"People are so judgemental around the topic of infertility. Understandably you don't see many people coming out of the closet about their fertility journey because who wants to be vulnerable when you feel like you are failing at what you should be doing?" she questioned. "You feel entirely powerless."

The mother-of-one added that parents and mothers in general can be hurtful as opposed to supportive, which is why she decided to be "raw and real" on her blog.

Baldwin revealed that due to Röhm's honest depictions about the motherhood journey — including stress, confusion and sleepless nights — it made her a "trusted source" for mothers everywhere.

"When I came with my questions, self-doubt and worry, that's when the audience started to build because I became a voice to be trusted as to opposed to having a perfect life. I didn't really know how to do parenting stuff so I was just figuring it out," Röhm explained.

Hilaria Baldwin's Instagram story. (Photo via Instagram/hilariabaldwin)
Hilaria Baldwin's Instagram story. (Photo via Instagram/hilariabaldwin)

On her Instagram story, Baldwin shared that thanks to Röhm's contributions, the "online mom world has turned into the massive presence we see today," saying the actress "set up roots for how open we can be now."

Later in the conversation, the duo opened up about "bottle vs. breastfeeding" and how the debate can be "very tricky."

When Baldwin explained that her most recent daughter doesn't like breastfeeding — which made her stressed as her doctor recommended breastfeeding — Röhm acknowledged the "emotional" toll Baldwin might have had.

"There's a lot of issues around bottle feeding and it's tough as a mom if you don't want to do the bottle as you don't want nipple confusion, so it becomes an emotional journey," she said.

Baldwin noted that there's a "massive divide" between bottle and breastfeeders.

"People say breast is best but everyone has opinions and they make people feel bad for their choice of feeding," the mother-of-seven shared, adding that she felt like a failure bottle feeding her child until she realized that bottle formula was similar to breast milk.

In response, Röhm gave advice for current or soon-to-be mothers: "stop all the hating."

"Who cares? I know women who don't want to breastfeed and they are phenomenal parents. The latching process can also not happen easily and it can be painful," she said. "...Moms need to do what they can to to find balance, rest and take care of ourselves. As a mom, you gotta just do you."

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