Elliot Page, Lynda Carter and more react to Texas's 'inhumane' trans youth order: 'I'm outraged!'

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Following the news on Tuesday that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton declared medical care for transgender “child abuse" under Texas law, directing Texas Department of Family and Protective Services to investigate the use of such treatments, LGBTQ activists and allies are speaking out — including one of the most visible trans voices in the world, Elliot Page.

“I am horrified by the inhumane and downright dangerous declarations by the Texas Governor and Attorney General,” Page said in a statement to Variety. “Trans youth deserve gender-affirming care and to be able to live their true, authentic selves without fear and oppression. I stand with trans youth and their families.”

He also shared, on Instagram, a post from American Civil Liberties Union trans-rights attorney Chase Strangio, adding the comment, "Horrific."

Paxton, in a tweet earlier this week explaining his formal opinion, said, "Sex-change operations and puberty blockers prescribed to kids is ‘child abuse’ under Texas law. These procedures are monstrous and tragic. I’ll do everything I can to protect against those who take advantage of and harm young Texans.”

Criticism of the official order was instant, with many joining Page to speak out.

Busy Phillips, whose child Birdie identifies as gay and uses they/them pronouns, also chimed in.

“Supporting who your children are is the opposite of abuse. It’s your only job as a parent,” the actress and host wrote in an Instagram post that tagged Abbott.

“Your disgusting attempt to distract from the reality of your failures as a politician will not be tolerated. The cruelty of your actions towards parents, children, caregivers and doctors is remarkable. You are a villain for a superheroes journey. And I am here to tell you, the superheroes are ready to face you and your tiny army of intolerance and hatred.” Phillips added, "DON’T MESS WITH MOMS.”

Lynda Carter, most known for playing the original Wonder Woman, also weighed in.

“There have always been trans kids. This is nothing new. Letting them live their truth will save their lives,” she wrote on Twitter. “To all the trans kids and families who love them, in Texas and around the world: stay strong and keep fighting for your freedom.”

Gabrielle Union, a staunch queer activist and stepmother to Zaya Wade, who’s blazed a trail in transgender representation since coming out last year, gave her own thoughts.

“This is where we are,” she tweeted. “We shot past dangerous and horrific a long time ago. The rubber has hit the road so who is standing shoulder to shoulder in this fight? Who truly gives a sh*t and whose on that performative bs? Let's see.”

Elijah Wood weighed in with his own thoughts. “Wow, just when you thought he couldn’t get any worse…Greg Abbott is a ghoul. My heart is with the families that are effected by this heinous order,” he wrote.

Activist and author Roxane Gay added: “This abhorrent bullshit, like TX SB 8, is lethal legislation, further empowering individuals to self-deputize and enforce bigoted laws that reflect whatever fears and hatred they harbor. What starts with trans children and people w/uteruses will not end there.”

Scandal star Kerry Washington added that she thought the directive was “horrific.”

“My heart goes out to the entire Trans community of Texas and their families,” Washington wrote. “Texas, this is happening in your state. Now is the time to use your voice and your VOTE.”

Meanwhile, Frozen star Josh Gad called the move “pure evil.”

“Cruelty isn’t a policy,” he wrote. “Bigotry is not leadership. Transphobia doesn’t solve real world problems like a broken education system, failing infrastructure & rising student debt. This isn’t leadership. It’s hate.”

Jamie Lee Curtis, whose trans daughter Ruby has been a hot topic in the past, also spoke out.

“As a mother of a trans person I'm am outraged!” she wrote before sharing links to local trans resources.

Advocate groups are also pushing back, including Strangio, whose tweets about the matter have been highly shared this week.

As the conversation continues, more of Hollywood's biggest allies are speaking out:

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