Emily Ratajkowsi and Kaia Gerber went blonde during quarantine. But should you lighten your hair at home?

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Image courtesy of Kérastase.
Image courtesy of Kérastase.

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Something about the seemingly endless amount of time spent at home encourages dramatic actions when it comes to your hair. Whether it’s a DIY haircut or playing with a new colour, even I’ve fallen prey to the siren song of home hair transformation since transitioning to spending most of my time indoors way back in March.

Celebs are feeling the pull too, including stars like Kaia Gerber and Emily Ratajkowsi who recently showed off their newly lightened locks online.

As tempting as it may be to take the plunge and lighten your own hair this summer, we reached out to Kérastase Artist Chanel Laporte to find out whether it’s worth attempting at home.

Should you go blonde at home?

According to Laporte, unless you’re already a pro at it yourself, going from brunette to blonde is a job best left to the professionals.

“It’s important to consider the fact that going lighter is a chemical process,” she noted.

“The risk of damaging hair, skin, or scalp can be a factor when using products purchased by [yourself].”

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Preventive care is key

Instead, if you’re considering going blonde this season, Laporte stresses the importance of preventive haircare at home in order to avoid letting it get to a fragile, damaged state after colouring.

“Repairing is definitely [something] consumers have a habit of doing by purchasing products like masks and treatments, although I always educate my clients to think of prevention as well,” she shared.

“Take the time to plan hair transformations when possible, and be aware that once lightened, hair tends to be more fragile.”

You’ll want to incorporate products like heat-protective treatments and masks prior to colouring, which helps repair and strengthen hair ahead of time.

And if your hair has already been dyed blonde?

If you’ve already gone ahead and dyed hair at home or at the salon, then you’ll know that maintaining your colour is the best way to make sure it looks its best.

In a recent Instagram video, Emily Ratajkowsi outlined how she has been keeping her newly blonde hair intact with the help of a few key products.

Showing off the Kérastase Blond Absolu Bain Ultra-Violet Shampoo, the Masque Ultra-Violet Hair Mask, and the Cicaplasme Hair Serum, the 29-year-old model demonstrated the hair routine that she’s been using to protect her fresh blonde colour.

“I was one of those people who thought that when you went blonde, your hair was just fried and damaged and done,” she admitted.

“I am happy to report that if you have the right products, that is not true.”

Shop Ratajkowski’s favourite protective haircare below, and let us know if you’ll be dyeing your hair at home this summer.

Kérastase Blond Absolu Bain Ultra-Violet Shampoo

Kérastase Blond Absolu Bain Ultra-Violet Shampoo. Image via Kérastase.
Kérastase Blond Absolu Bain Ultra-Violet Shampoo. Image via Kérastase.

SHOP IT: Kérastase, $45

Masque Ultra-Violet Hair Mask

Masque Ultra-Violet Hair Mask. Image via Kérastase.
Masque Ultra-Violet Hair Mask. Image via Kérastase.

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Cicaplasme Hair Serum

Cicaplasme Hair Serum. Image via Kérastase.
Cicaplasme Hair Serum. Image via Kérastase.

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