Emily Ratajkowski Does All Her Holiday Shopping In This Unexpected Place

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When it comes to online shopping, it doesn’t get more comprehensive than a network of millions of items, old and new, sourced from every corner of the world. That’s why actor and Instagram star Emily Ratajkowski is avoiding the bustle of the holiday shopping scene and limiting her gifting to her go-to fashion destination: eBay.

“I love eBay,” Ratajkowski tells InStyle. “I feel like it’s one of the fun things on the internet that has to do with fashion. I’ve never been one of those people that goes on Net-a-Porter and scrolls through what’s new — like I already know what’s there. So eBay is a really amazing place to find special things.”

Clearly, “special” to EmRata does not describe a monogrammed towel set — though the newlywed will be the first to admit she loves a good candle. When it comes to gifting, though, Ratajkowski is looking for rare designer pieces you’d be hard-pressed to find at Saks.

“For me, I feel like there’s certain things that you just can’t get,” she told us, “Like I’m obsessed with Phoebe [Philo, former Creative Director] at Céline, and I’m really sad to see her go, and being able to find those special Céline pieces online at eBay, that’s the kind of thing I’m hoping to give my friends, because that’s the kind of thing they’re not going to buy for themselves.”

If only we all had a friend as generous, am I right?

Unlike many of the celebrity set (millennial models in particular), Ratajkowski insists she’s not a frequent shopper. “I’m lucky enough that I have relationships with designers, I borrow clothes a lot, and funny enough — you wouldn’t think it, based on my industry — I’m not one of those people who loves trying on a million things,” she said. “I like having my little wish list, and when I feel like ‘OK, I haven’t shopped in a long time, I deserve a little treat,’ going through and being like I’m going to finally get that for myself. That’s such a good feeling.”

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And what’s on that wish list of hers? Well, it’s all on eBay (and includes Céline, of course) — you can shop Emily’s curated selections through Oct. 24, while supplies last.


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