Emily Ratajkowski Is Being Called Out for a ‘Fatphobic’ Photo Shoot


Most of the photos in Emily Ratajkowski’s recent spread for the French magazine Le Monde are perfectly fine. There is one, however, that’s getting a big ol’ “No, thank you” from the internet at large. In this pic, posted to her IG grid, EmRata stands in a pair of jeans and holds the large waistband out to the side, as if to better show how very thin she is in comparison to the pants she’s trying to wear.

If you’ve ever seen any kind of weight-loss product infomercial, you've probably seen those pictures of a recently thin person standing in their now much-too-large old jeans to demonstrate the inches they’ve shrunk using whatever cleanse, dietary supplement, medication, exercise routine, etc., that they’re trying to sell you. It’s an image now widely associated with the heyday of cultural fatphobia, which is why it’s an especially yikes choice for a fashion editorial shoot. And yet, that is exactly what Ratajkowski did.

(You may remember that Ratajkowski once wrote an entire book about body image, beauty standards, and the pressure society places on women’s bodies titled, appropriately, My Body.)

The commenters had an absolute field day with what many view as a tone-deaf and retrogressive fashion shoot. Plus-size model Tess Holliday, for instance, commented on Ratajkowski's post, “I’ve been looking for those jeans in the second photo if you could just please return them that would cool. Tysm.” But it's not just celebrities who took issue with EmRata’s post. Another person wrote, “Designers won’t make plus sizes unless it’s for a photo opp where a thin person can be quirky.” Quipped another IG user, “body shaming but make it fashion? no thanks & do better.”

Commentary wasn’t any more lenient on other social media platforms either. “I want to know how this got through the creative director and her team,” one TikTok creator pointed out. “Especially considering that one of the main complaints from the fashion industry about why they cannot accommodate for sizes outside of the typical range is that it’s too hard to make or too complicated and yet here they are, providing it to someone that doesn’t need it.” Said another TikToker, “Explain to me like I’m a 5-year-old, what part of this is fashion.”

I, also, would like some answers from Emily Ratajkowski on this one.

Originally Appeared on Glamour