I'm obsessed with these game-changing reusable makeup removing cloths - and they're on sale for just $12

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Removing makeup has never been easier thanks to these affordable and reusable makeup wipes. (Getty Images)
Removing makeup has never been easier thanks to these affordable and reusable makeup wipes. (Getty Images)

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It's safe to say my personal style has been on a downward spiral since I began working from home due to COVID-19. I live in a steady rotation of sweatshirts and leggings, only wear jeans for "special occasions" when I leave the house to run errands, and it's been more than a year since I've had a proper hair cut or colour. That being said, there's one thing that's provided me with some sense of normalcy each day: wearing makeup.

Putting on makeup each morning has helped me feel as though I was maintaining some aspect of my pre-COVID morning routine. It's therapeutic, almost meditative for me to sit down and apply makeup while listening to a podcast before starting my day. I feel "put together" during a time when everything seems very uncertain.

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Even though I love putting on makeup, I used to absolutely hate taking it off at night. I've bought makeup wipes, pricey cleansers and makeup removers but I always end up staining a face cloth or towel with the leftover remnants of eye makeup. However, these days I've cut time from my nighttime skincare routine with Erase Your Face, a handy product that makes it easier than ever to remove makeup - even waterproof mascara.

Danielle Creations Erase Your Face Makeup Removing Cloth

Danielle Creations Erase Your Face - Amazon.
Danielle Creations Erase Your Face - Amazon.

SHOP IT: Amazon, $12 (originally $15)

What is it?

Erase Your Face is a reusable makeup removing cloth by Danielle Creations. The poly-blend microfibre cloth removes makeup, including mascara, with just warm water, eliminating the use of synthetic makeup removers and can be thrown in the wash with the rest of your laundry.

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The reusable cloths are an eco-friendly alternatives to makeup wipes; with each cloth estimated to replace up to 500 disposable wipes.

First impressions

A friend offered me one of her Erase Your Face cloths to try from her four pack in late 2019 - but I misplaced them weeks later during a move and completely forgot all about them. Cut to May 2020, when I found the cloths while organizing my closet and decided to give them a try once and for all - and I'm so glad I did.

These cloths are a game-changer for removing makeup. Even though it feels strange to use the microfibre cloth on your face, it removes makeup quickly and easily, with just warm water. I still prefer to use the cloth with my preferred cleanser (CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser $23) to ensure a deep clean before moving onto my serums and moisturizer. I used to have to cleanse my face twice and then use a cotton pad and micellar water to remove my mascara, but now I can just use the Erase Your Face cloth.

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Once I'm done, I rinse and ring out the cloth and you can actually see discoloured water from the makeup that the towel removed. It's weird - but strangely gratifying!

What other people are saying

As a meticulous Amazon shopper, I know how important it is to read customer reviews before you make a purchase. Erase Your Face cloths have earned a 4.6-star rating based on more than 12,000 customer reviews from people like me who can't get enough of the bizarre beauty hack.

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"Let me tell you how amazing these cloths are. I was super annoyed having to buy makeup wipes all the time and I also found that wipes would leave residue or a weird feeling on my face so I ordered these on a whim to try them out," one Amazon shopper wrote. "You have to machine wash and dry them first to remove the fluffs, but after that, they're good to go. I used it to remove my makeup and, my god - they work better than any wipe I've ever used. It took off all of my makeup easily and my face felt super soft and clean before I even used my cleanser. It's a bit of an adjustment from wipes, I had to wet it a few times, especially to remove my eye makeup but it did the trick! Highly recommend these cloths."

Erase Your Face Makeup Removing Cloths - Amazon.
Erase Your Face Makeup Removing Cloths - Amazon.

"I wasn't sure what to expect and half wondered if these were just glorified microfibre cloths, but they're not," another wrote. "They took all of my makeup off including waterproof eye makeup and aside from making me feel like I was cleaning myself with a muppet, they were a fabulous surprise. There were a few loose residue threads despite washing them before use, but the load was too big and they probably didn't get the best wash to be honest. Either way, if you are a normal, halfway into makeup thirty-something you'll be impressed."

Although the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, there are some shoppers who thought some of the more expensive reusable makeup removing cloths removed makeup quicker.

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"I have a brand-name Makeup Eraser and these don't work quite as well," one shopper wrote of their four star review. "They're much softer than the real deal, but the pile is also a bit longer and so the really hard to remove mascara that comes right off with the name brand doesn't quite come off as easily with these. However, you get four times what you would get with the other kind, and for me the price matters more."


I was hooked after trying the Erase My Face cloths and decided to buy a few packs to have on hand. I'll use each cloth twice before adding it to the laundry, but this way I have some at the ready at all times.

While they may not be for everyone, Erase Your Face reusable cloths are a great choice for anyone who's stained wash cloths trying to remove their makeup or spends money on endless packages of disposable wipes. They're environmentally friendly, affordable and they actually work.

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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