Everlane just released a new pair of ballet flats — here's our honest review

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Everlane's new Day Ballet Flats come in five colours and retail for $182 CAD.
Everlane's new Day Ballet Flats come in five colours and retail for $182 CAD.

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If you’re a fan of shoes you’ve probably heard of Everlane’s Day Gloves — a shopper and Instagrammer-favourite glove shoe that’s backed by thousands of five-star reviews. However, despite its mounting popularity, the silhouette of a glove shoe isn’t for everyone, so when we heard that Everlane was releasing a new Day Ballet shoe, we knew we had to give it a try.

The Day Ballet Flats retail for $182, the same price as the Day Gloves, but the vibe of them is completely different. While the Day Glove is a very simple glove-style shoe, the Day Ballet Flat features a more scultural square tow as well as a bow tie.

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But similar to the Day Glove, as well as most of Everlane’s other flats, it features Italian leather, side vents for breathability and a cushioned-insole, as well as a pull tab at the back for easy on and off functionality.

They come in five colours ranging from neutrals like white, black and cavern pink to brights like blue and yellow, and

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Interested? Our lifestyle team these shoes to the test — check out our review below!

Alyssa Tria, Shopping Editor

Everlane Day Ballet Flat in Rose
Everlane Day Ballet Flat in Rose

There’s no denying the effortless and timeless stylings of a classic ballet flat. But as much as I would like to rave about how appreciative I am about this style's versatility, there's absolutely nothing about my physical features that makes ballet flats work for me. First of all, I'm shorter than your average perrson. Standing at 4'11", ballet flats have never done anything to extend the look of my height or legs (woe is me). Secondly, I have very thin feet that require the right support and foot-hugging features that flats don't typically offer. So when I was given the opportunity to test out Everlane's Day Ballet Flat, I didn't have high expectations that it would fit.

And unfortunately, I was right. Just like Everlane's 40-Hour Flat that I tested a couple of months back, I immediately noticed how much room I had at the toes and the sides once I slipped on the ballet flats. Even with a size 5, the shoes were too big for me to even walk in comfortably. Not Everlane’s fault, of course — I just wouldn’t recommend these as a serious option for anyone with child-like-sized feet like mine. Which is too bad, because the Rose shade is actually the perfect shade of nude-pink for my tan complexion.

Kate Mendonca, Shopping Editor

Testing out the Day Ballet Flats in cavern pink.
Testing out the Day Ballet Flats in cavern pink.

To say that these flats are polarizing would be a bit of an understatement, but unlike my colleagues, when I first opened my new pair of Day Ballet Flats I was an instant fan. I’m sure the soft pink shade and the lace-up bow details helped, and these flats are certainly unlike any other pair that I’ve worn in the past.

I found that the square toe wasn’t as severe on my foot as it looks on its own, and has a more wearable shape that I’m sure I’ll be pairing with everything from jeans to sundresses in the months to come. I’ve already worn them on trips to the supermarket and corner store (pretty much still my only outings these days) and they’re a welcome step up style-wise from my summer uniform of Birkenstock sandals.

That said, they definitely weren’t the most comfortable out of the box. I sized down after my last pair of Everlane flats ended up being too big, opting for a size 8 instead of an 8.5, so if you’re like me and are in-between sizes with a more narrow foot, I’d definitely go with the smaller size. Though the fit was perfect, the leather is definitely on the stiffer side, so be sure to give yourself plenty of time to break these flats in before wearing them on any long walks this season.

Elizabeth Di Filippo, Lifestyle Editor

Everlane flats in Wheat. Book: Anne Sebba, "That Woman." Sunglasses: Le Specs, Bandwagon.

If you met me in 2006, there’s a 99.99% chance I would be wearing a ballet flat - with a bow. I was intrigued to try these shoes because they conjure such nostalgic feelings to when I graduated from sneakers into flats as a wide-eyed, young pup entering the work force, but those shoes I must admit were much more comfortable.

First things first: the colour. I was not expecting yellow when I ordered the Day Ballet Flats in wheat, but here we are. While I don’t dislike the colour, for the price, I was hoping for something that was more of a neutral; something similar to the rose colour.

In terms of fit, these shoes definitely need a strut around the block to break in. Unlike the 40 Hour Flat, the leather is much tougher, which is particularly troubling for my wide feet. I ordered a size 8 in the Day Ballet but should have gone up a size into an 8.5 for comfort straight out of the box. Over time, I think these will breathe and probably look cute with different fall outfits, but they are a little tight at the toe, where there is some creasing from the leather already.

If you love the look of the classic ballet, then these are worth a try. However, I would recommend a more timeless flat, like the 40 Hour Flat or the beloved Day Gloves for something a little more comfortable to wear about town!

Hilary Hagerman, Managing Editor

Everlane Day Ballet Flats in White
Everlane Day Ballet Flats in White

I will start by saying what I’ve said in pretty much every review of Everlane shoes I’ve ever written — the Day Gloves are my favourite flats ever. I have them in five different colours and wear them basically every day for everything from walking my dog to biking across the city to going out for dinner.

I’ve been eyeing the Day Gloves in white as my next purchase (one of our editors on the Yahoo Canada News team has them and I’m jealous) — but when I saw the Day Ballet Flats came in white, too, I decided to try them out instead.

My first impression of these out of the box? I’ll be honest, I kind of hated them. The white is extremely white with no creamy undertones, so just be conscious that you’re getting bright, clean, White Out white. The other thing I noticed was that the leather seems more smooth/flat than the Day Gloves (which are more of a pebbled leather), which made them a bit more stiff-fitting than my Day Gloves. I was also worried that because of the smooth leather, any signs of wear or scuffs would show even more easily.

But after a couple of wears, they’ve grown on me. The padded insole makes them super comfortable for walking, and I’ve been able to (so far, at least) spot clean tiny marks with a damp cloth. The leather has relaxed a bit, making them more comfortable.

I actually really like the square toe ballerina shape — and I like that unlike most other ballet flats I have, they still maintain the higher vamp that I love about Everlane shoes.

I think if I was purchasing again, I’d probably go for the canvas pink that some of my coworkers chose just for wearability with my wardrobe, but I am looking forward to styling these in the colder months with jeans and big sweaters.

If you’re looking to buy the Day Ballet Flats, you can check them out here.

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