The Expert-Approved Whiskey Cocktail To Pair With Grilled Fish

Grilled fish and whiskey cocktail
Grilled fish and whiskey cocktail - Static Media / Shutterstock / Getty

You just grilled a beautiful fish, like our best grilled swordfish recipe, and wish to pair the dish with a cocktail. You can't go wrong pairing grilled fish with a whiskey cocktail, as the warmth and spice notes in whiskey really complement and liven up fish dishes. However, what is the best whiskey cocktail to pair with grilled fish? We at Tasting Table spoke to an expert, Robyn Smith, PhD, Founder of This Blog's NEAT, to get to the bottom of this fish and booze pairing dilemma.

Smith had one whiskey cocktail in mine. With enthusiasm and authority, she declared, "A Penicillin would pair very well with grilled fish. Not only is it my all-time favorite whiskey cocktail, but the fresh lemon, spicy ginger, and smoky peated Scotch are certain to complement the flavors of grilled fish while also providing a touch of sweetness from the honey." The tangy notes and acidity from the lemon in the Penicillin cocktail will help balance brackishness and brininess from the grilled fish and help mask any fishiness. For this reason, lemon makes all the difference in your fried fish dishes. The other notes in the whiskey cocktail — including warmth from ginger and sweetness from honey — all work to balance the flavors of grilled fish, especially if it's salty and bold.

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You Can Keep It Simple When Making Penicillin Cocktails At Home

penicillin cocktail
penicillin cocktail - Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock

Robyn Smith prefers the classics when it comes to whisky cocktails, and a good, simple Penicillin cocktail goes a long way when paired with grilled fish. If all this has you ready to craft your own Penicillin whisky cocktail at home, first check out our list of 25 popular Scotch whiskies, ranked. Then, Smith has a trick for you to make things simple. She explained, "When I make mine at home, I simplify the recipe by using a peated Scotch as the base without a floater. Compass Box Peat Monster is my favorite for this recipe."

Even Alton Brown says Penicillin cocktails are unique, so you're in for a treat when you craft your own at home. To make Smith's favorite Penicillin, first add a smoky peated Scotch whiskey, some freshly squeezed lemon juice, and a honey-ginger syrup to an ice-filled shaker. Give it a good shake and strain into a glass filled with fresh ice. At this point, you would usually add a floater, such as another whiskey, but Smith skips this step. Then, enjoy with your grilled fish dish.

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