Fans Assumed Broccoli on 'The Masked Singer' Was a Teen — and Boy Were They Wrong

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After a brief hiatus (thanks a lot baseball), The Masked Singer returned to TV on Wednesday, Oct. 27 and the show didn't disappoint, introducing its final group of costumed celebrities. Among them, an outfit that might turn off some people on site alone: the Broccoli. But despite many people's aversion to the vegetable, the Broccoli was well received by judges and fans after giving a lively rendition of "Whole Lot of Shakin'."

But there was a but of confusion from the judges and fans at home. The debut clue package indicated the celebrity was young; the Broccoli indicated he was a kid performing with the big dogs. But when he took the stage, his voice indicated he was an older celeb. This made it tougher to determine who is beneath the Broccoli costume.

Broccoli Guess #1: Martin Short

With few clues to go off of, many fans at home suspected the Broccoli was comedian Martin Short. The former Saturday Night Live star has been a guess in past season, but this could be the first time its correct.

There wasn't much to suggest Short in the Broccoli's debut performance, aside from the voice and mariachi band (a potential nod to Short's role in Three Amigos). And come the second performance on Nov. 4, there wasn't much more. Judge Ken Jeong did, however, point out two clues indicating Short. The first was the ham on the pineapple pizza, which Jeong said could be Canadian bacon, a nod to Short's Canadian roots. The second was an anchor, which Jeong believed was a nod to Short's role in the movie Captain Ron.

Broccoli Guess #2: Wayne Newton

Mr. Vegas became Nicole Scherzinger's guess following the Broccoli's second performance. Her thought was based on the "magic" clue; a roulette wheel that she thinks is a nod to Las Vegas. But there were other clues pointing to the singer. First, the pre-performance package featured a guitar, which Newton is known to play. Second, the pre-performance package showed the Broccoli walking into the Copabanana, aka the Copacabana, where Newton was discovered.

Broccoli Guess #3: Chevy Chase

Another guess based solely on the voice and mariachi band: Chevy Chase.

OK, maybe not solely. There was a soup in the clue package, which could be a (very, very far) nod to Joel McHale, former host of The Soup and Chase's former co-star on Community.

If it is Chase beneath the Broccoli costume. Ken Jeong might feel pretty dumb, as he also starred in Community.

Judges' First Impressions

  • Nicole Scherzinger: Bill Murray

  • Jenny McCarthy: Howie Mandel

  • Robin Thicke: Steve Guttenberg

  • Ken Jeong: Not audible, but probably ridiculous.

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