Fans hilariously react to Travis Kelce revealing how he mispronounced Alice in Wonderland

The football star admitted he only realised the correct name relatively recently  (Getty Images)
The football star admitted he only realised the correct name relatively recently (Getty Images)

Fans have hilariously reacted to how Travis Kelce used to think the film Alice in Wonderland was pronounced.

The NFL tight end made the revelation on Wednesday’s episode of his and his older brother Jason Kelce’s podcast, New Heights. During the episode — which came after they attended Taylor Swift’s concerts in London — the siblings were having an English tea party, with Jason explaining how the tea set they were using was inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

In response, Travis confessed that he recently learned that he’d been mispronouncing the name of this film for quite some time.

“I also found out over the summer that it’s Alice in Wonderland, not Allison Wonderland,” he said, to which his brother asked: “You thought it was Allison Wonderland?”

The Kansas City Chiefs star once again explained: “I thought Allison Wonderland was like the name.” From there, the former Philadelphia Eagles player reminded his younger brother what the name of the Disney character was.

“We’ve watched the movie though,” Jason said. “You know her name wasn’t Allison,” before Travis responded: “I thought it was.”

While Jason laughed hysterically about the revelation, Travis — who’s been dating Swift since last year — acknowledged that he didn’t realize his mistake, adding: “Not one time did I catch that, dude.”

In response to the podcast on X, formerly known as Twitter, fans expressed their amusement over Travis’s mistake, with quips that he could have learned the correct way to pronounce the movie through his girlfriend.

“Allison wonderland > Alice in wonderland, actually,” one quipped, while another added: “I’m just picturing Taylor cackling, correcting Travis for the first time and his mind being blown LMFAOOOOO.”

A third wrote: “I laughed so hard here. This makes him even more adorable to me. He’s just a breath of unpretentious fresh air. He’s like ‘Nope, didn’t know that. No big deal. I play football.’”

Some fans confessed to making the same error as Travis when referring to the name of the Disney movie.

“I thought the same thing when I was little but I realized it wasn’t when I was like nine or 10,” one wrote.

“OMG I thought I was the only one!! I literally thought Allison Wonderland was the title for so long!  Like it was her full proper name or something,” another tweeted.

Jason and Travis’s tea party in the New Heights podcast episode came after their trip to London, where Swift introduced them to Prince William and his two eldest children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. The introduction took place at Wembley Stadium, as the three British royals were attending Swift’s first concert in London this year.

“They were absolutely a delight to meet,” Travis said about the family, during his latest New Heights podcast episode. “I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to bow to them, curtsy, just be an American idiot and shake their hands, like: ‘Sup, dude.’ We wanted to be polite.”

Jason then chimed in, explaining that because they weren’t at an official royal event, they were not obligated to bow. He also talked about his own interaction with the royals, as he said he immediately felt “emasculated” and proceeded to move his beer “like, 10 feet away.”

The two of them continued to talk about how much they enjoyed interacting with the royal family, especially as William allowed his kids to “be vocal.”

“I love it when parents ask their kids to be present, be vocal…” Travis — who made a surprise appearance on stage at the Eras tour last weekend — said, as Jason added, “Encourage them to take a lead in the conversation.”

Jason also shared that his favorite moment was meeting Princess Charlotte, noting that talking with her was “the most electric part” of the interaction

“Prince William was fantastic, but the highlight was Princess Charlotte,” he said. “She was so f***ing adorable. Maybe because I have three girls now, [but] she had a fire to her. She was asking questions.”

Before the podcast aired, the “Anti-Hero” singer shared her first-ever Instagram photo of her boyfriend, which was a selfie of the couple with the three royal family members.

“Happy Bday M8! London shows are off to a splendid start,” her post’s caption read, as the Prince of Wales attended the Eras tour show on his 42nd birthday.