Former Miss Universe Canada hits back at body shamers: 'Your body is allowed to change'

The former pageant star shared "real" comments she gets from body shamers on social media.

Siera Bearchell responds to criticism about her body via Instagram/ @sierabearchell
Siera Bearchell responds to criticism about her body. (Instagram/@sierabearchell)

Siera Bearchell is firing back at body shamers.

On Sunday, the former Miss Universe Canada and proud mom-of-two took to Instagram with a message to body shamers and critics on her weight throughout the years.

In a video, she compared old footage of herself during her pageant days with more recent clips of her in a bikini and golfing. In on-screen text, she wrote: "POV: You realize your body is allowed to change, and people will judge you no matter what."

The heart of her message displayed quotes of hurtful comments she allegedly received in the past, including "Eat a burger," "Could lose five more pounds," "Needs to work on her body" and "Overweight." Another allegedly wrote, "Very beautiful face but not a fan of her body."

She revealed another commenter chimed in about her weight, questioning why she was "fat" while she participated in the Miss Universe pageant and "in shape" now, "when it doesn't matter."

Bearchell captioned the post assuring change is normal.

"All real comments from my posts and DMs. Your body is allowed to change throughout your life. People [and] society may judge you no matter what size you are. Health, happiness and confidence all begin within," the 30-year-old influencer penned in the caption.

Bearchell's empowering reminder garnered praise from fans in the comments.

"You are and always have been stunning. People are crazy," one person wrote.

Another Instagram user penned: "This is very relatable. Judgemental people need to zip it. You're stunning no matter what your body looks like. A healthy and happy, confident woman makes some people feel very insecure. Keep shining!"

"Thank you for sharing this. So inspiring," a fan added.

"The obsession with people's bodies is so toxic. You're always beautiful and inspiring," wrote another.

In April, Bearchell shared a video of herself modelling five swimsuits from Canadian swimwear brand Bikini Village, advising her followers on ways they can exude more confidence in a bathing suit.

"Step one, put a bikini on your body."

"Next, as you're getting dressed, tell yourself in your head or even whisper under your breath, 'I look and feel amazing,'" she wrote.

The Saskatchewan-born content creator urged people not to worry about the "little things that make you feel insecure, like maybe the bumps on the back of your legs, the hairs here or there, the stretch marks on your boobs."

"I can pretty much guarantee that no one is noticing those things," she added. "No one's looking at those things."

For an "instant glow" and "boost of confidence," the beauty pageant titleholder recommended adding "glow drops" to body oil or lotion.

"Slather it on because nothing is hotter than someone that is walking around confident in a bathing suit," she added before concluding: "Lastly, keep your shoulders back and chin up, because you look amazing."

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