Siera Bearchell shares 'bikini-body' tips to exude confidence: 'Such an inspiration'

The former Miss Universe Canada has five tips on how to embrace your body while wearing a swimsuit.

Siera Bearchell is sharing her secrets to getting "bikini-body" ready.

On Tuesday, the 30-year-old former Miss Universe Canada took to Instagram with a video of herself modelling five swimsuits from the Canadian swimwear brand, Bikini Village, and advising her followers on ways they can exude more confidence in a bathing suit — just in time for summer.

"Five tips for looking more bikini-body ready," she began, wearing a pastel blue bikini and a white bathrobe. "Step one, put a bikini on your body."

"Next, as you're getting dressed, tell yourself in your head or even whisper under your breath, 'I look and feel amazing,'" the mom-of-two continued.

The Saskatchewan-born influencer urged fans not to worry about the "little things that make you feel insecure, like maybe the bumps on the back of your legs, the hairs here or there, the stretch marks on your boobs."

"I can pretty much guarantee that no one is noticing those things," she added. "No one's looking at those things."

For an "instant glow" and "boost of confidence," the beauty pageant titleholder recommended adding "glow drops" to body oil or lotion.

"Slather it on because nothing is hotter than someone that is walking around confident in a bathing suit," she added before concluding:

"Lastly, keep your shoulders back and chin up, because you look amazing."

In the comments, fans met Bearchell's video with praise for being "an inspiration."

"You are real and you always encourage everyone to be comfortable in their skin! Thank you," an Instagram user wrote.

Another penned: "Thanks @sierabearchell for reminding us to be beautiful for who we are! You look fab!"

"Amazing post!" someone else chimed in.

"You're such an inspiration for women! Thank you for sharing. I needed this," another commented.

"Yes! Let's remember this more often," a fan added.

Last week, Bearchell shared a video featuring footage of herself posing in swimsuits while she was in the third trimester of her pregnancy.

She paired the post with a caption praising Bikini Village for working with her during her pregnancy and helping represent different "shapes and stages of life."

"Eight months ago," she penned. "I absolutely love that [Bikini Village] was open to working with me during this stage of my life because you hardly ever see pregnant women in swimsuit campaigns.

"I know it's not relatable for every single person, but I think it's helpful to see different shapes and stages of life represented. Even if it doesn't apply to you at that moment or phase in your own life. I wish I would have seen more of this growing up!"

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