Former Target employee reveals which celebrities were allegedly ‘rude’ customers: ‘I would cry’

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A former Target employee is spilling the tea on some of her famous customers.

Madi Amanda used to be a manager at a Target in Los Angeles. Apparently, that’s a good job to have if you like meeting celebrities.

Amanda claims she’s met everyone from Kevin Hart to Post Malone — and she’s got the photos to prove it. Still, not all of those experiences were positive.

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Amanda detailed her celeb encounters in a now-viral TikTok. Throughout the clip, she shares photos of each famous customer and reviews their behavior at the store.

For example, Post Malone was “super chill and invited some cashiers to his party.”

Meanwhile, Tori Spelling was “a sweetheart,” even though Amanda claims the actress’s card got declined.

She also had some positive run-ins with Hart (who was “trying to stay super low key”) and “Gossip Girl” actress Leighton Meester (who Amanda called the nicest celeb she’s met).

The bad customer? That was model Amber Rose, who Amanda called “rude.” The TikToker added that Rose wouldn’t let her take a picture, instead sharing a photo that allegedly showed her exiting the store.

TikTok users had all kinds of reactions to the video, sharing both jealousy and frustration.

“I would cry if I met Post Malone,” one user wrote.

“Why did you do Tori like that?” another joked, referring to the declined card story.

“Amber Rose isn’t a celeb anyway,” another added.

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