Gabrielle Union wows fans with bikini photos: 'You CANNOT almost be 50'

Gabrielle Union wowed fans with her new bikini photos. (Photo: Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images)
Gabrielle Union wowed fans with her new bikini photos. (Photo: Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images) (Rodin Eckenroth via Getty Images)

Gabrielle Union wasn't kidding when she announced she was turning "forty-FINE" on her last birthday. With a few months to go before she hits the big 5-0, the actress is wowing fans with a set of stunning new bikini photos.

"Honey, it's June," the Cheaper By the Dozen star captioned a series of photos capturing her life of late. While the spread also includes family-friendly shots of her Kaavia, the 3-year-old daughter Union shares with husband Dwyane Wade, it was the actress's summery swimsuit shoot that seemed to get the most notice from her followers. Two shots see her wearing a cream string bikini paired with a straw hat; in one, she's seen pulling at her bottoms in a saucy pose.

Celebrities like Octavia Spencer and Sanaa Lathan were among those leaving awestruck comments. Actress Nia Long deemed Union a "cutie pie," while journalist Soledad O'Brien wrote "hottie."

"It's too much," Mindy Kaling responded.

"You CANNOT almost be 50," commented one fan as many heaped praise on the "gorgeous" star.

Union — who recently shared a candid post about her mental healthaddressed her insecurities about aging in her 2021 memoir, You Got Anything Stronger?, in which she reflected on her nine-year age gap with Wade and the pressure to "outrun age with every bit of energy you can muster.”

"As women, we are trained to see all these little signs of aging come up as a loss, each one a plank disappearing from the rope bridge falling apart behind us,” Union writes of discovering gray hairs and other hormonal changes, adding that she sees herself as a woman with "the audacity to age."

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