5 garage storage ideas to help you put everything in its right place

Fall is the perfect time to get organized — and Canadian Tire is here to help with the storage solutions you need to Prepare for Fall. From handy garage organization tips to smart storage ideas for every room in your home, we’ve got you covered.

Woman picking up a clear storage bin in an organized garage
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Whether you wish summer could last year-round, or you’ve been eagerly anticipating sweater season, that signature crisp fall breeze is your cue to start packing up your summer gear and preparing for cooler weather.

You may not realize it, but summer is quite the high-maintenance season with lots of seasonal items that need to be safely stored for winter. For most homeowners, the garage is where those items go to hibernate. Pool floaties, folding patio chairs, and camping equipment are among the more bulky items that won't fit nicely indoors.

Unfortunately, we don't all have expansive garages, so smart storage solutions, like garage cabinets and workbenches, are key. Garage organization is also important, so you don't have to rifle through endless boxes when looking for your summer gear next year.

So how do you go about creating a streamlined and efficient garage storage system? We're here to show you. With the help of a few key organizational tips and handy garage storage ideas, you'll never have trouble finding what you need again.

1. Divide your garage into zones

Woman reaching to get sports equipment down from a garage shelving unit for her kid
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Creating different “zones” in your garage can help you locate your things with ease, without any of the guesswork or endless digging that can occur when you simply dump miscellaneous items into boxes and haul them into the garage to gather dust. Assign one zone for summer items like patio furniture and camping gear. Tools and vehicle maintenance can occupy another zone. (Need somewhere to store your tools? This Mastercraft Tall & Wide Cabinet is a sturdy, durable and lockable storage unit.)

This step requires a little advance planning, so create a game plan for your garage by deciding how many zones you’ll need, then identifying the optimal spot for each, depending on how often you’ll need to access your gear. Always make sure your most frequently-used items are easily accessible. (Pro tip: Keep your tools in the same zone as your workbench.) Seasonal items like holiday decorations, meanwhile, can be packed up and stored out of the way.

2. Take advantage of vertical space

Woman working on workbench in her organized garage
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Once you're feeling good about your plan, you'll want to figure out the most strategic way to store your items. Luckily, there are storage solutions that can help you organize without taking up too much space in an already cramped garage.

Garage walls are often overlooked as storage space, but they’re full of potential, especially when floor space is at a premium. You can use pegboards, hooks, and wall shelving to house your gardening tools and sporting equipment. This Mastercraft Steel Pegboard Organizer Kit is a great space-saving investment and allows easy access to the tools you use most frequently, so you can just grab and go. Or try this DeWALT workbench, which comes with a pegboard with tool hangers already built-in.

3. Upgrade your garage cabinets and shelving

Woman organizing tools in her garage using Mastercraft storage cabinet
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Proper shelving and cabinets are integral to getting your garage organized. If you're planning on storing heavy tools and equipment, you'll need a sturdy cabinet designed with drawer space and utility in mind, like the Mastercraft 6-Drawer, 2-Door Wooden Top Base Storage Cabinet. Despite its slim design, there's tons of storage space inside, plus adjustable shelving for easy interior customization. The cabinet also features a sizable wooden top and heavy-duty locking wheels so you can use it as a mobile workspace, then move it out of the way when it’s not in use.

If there are items you know you'll need more frequently, the best storage solution is open shelving that keeps your gear readily accessible. This Mastercraft 5-Shelf Steel & Wood Storage Rack / Shelving Unit is a low-cost garage storage solution that's heavy-duty enough to allow you to store heavier items such as toolboxes or large power tools. For low maintenance shelving that won’t rust or peel, this Certified 5-shelf resin unit is another great option, and can hold up to 750 lbs.

4. Get more out of, and into, your garage storage bins

Clear plastic storage bin for garage
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Storage bins are organizational powerhouses, helping you free up floor space and reduce visible clutter in your garage. Stackable, nestable containers like the Mastercraft Heavy Duty Storage Tote are great for holiday decor, sporting equipment, and other awkwardly shaped seasonal items. Clear containers like the type A Clarity Container, meanwhile, are perfect for storing extra household supplies and lesser-used items. Not only are these modular containers built to save space, they make it easy to see what’s inside at a glance. If you really want to level up on organization though, label your bins after filling them up. Not only will this make it easier to find what you’re looking for, it’ll also help remind you where items get put away once you’re done with them.

5. Consider overhead garage storage

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Want to make better use of every inch of your garage? Look into adding an overhead storage system. If you have a large trolley on your ceiling to open your garage door, it might be time for a more modern upgrade. Free up ceiling space by replacing your current system with the Chamberlain® RJO20C Ultra-Quiet Wall-Mount Garage Door Opener. This compact and easy-to-use device can be mounted discreetly on the wall, allowing you to install overhead shelving that's perfect for storing bulky oversized items such as suitcases, coolers, and storage bins. The Mastercraft Adjustable Heavy Duty Steel Ceiling Storage Rack easily stores items up to 500 lbs without taking up floor space, making it ideal for larger items that might otherwise eat up valuable real estate in your garage.

Fall is all about getting back to routine, and making sure both you and your home are properly prepared for colder weather. Whether you’re looking for garage storage solutions, tools to help you make quick work of fall lawn care, or time-saving cleaning products, Canadian Tire has what you need to Prepare for Fall.