Halle Berry's Latest Bikini Instagram Photo Has Everyone Talking

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  • Halle Berry, 53, just showed off her ripped back muscles in a new Instagram.

  • She was wearing a backless one-piece bathing suit while jumping in the photo.

  • Halle does a mix of resistance loop and dumbbell exercises to work her back.

Actress Halle Berry, 53, is soaking up the best of summer and living it up at the beach, according to her latest Instagram post. The John Wick 3 star shared a photo of herself in a mid-air jump on a rock while holding a scarf in a backless black one-piece swimsuit.

"Sometimes you have to say f*ck it, and just do it! ✨," she captioned her post.

While that jump is pretty impressive (as well as the camera's timing), her super toned back is totally stealing the show.

"Having defined, sexy back muscles feels so good (my posture is better than ever!)," the Bruised actress told Women's Health in May 2020.

She shared that in recent years, she focused more on training her back, upping her back-specific workouts.

"Though I've always given my back workout love, I really started to lean into strengthening it a few years ago. I was training to film John Wick 3 and then my upcoming movie, Bruised, and I needed to look and perform like a fighter," she said. "So, my trainer Peter and I started dedicating two workouts per week to my back—and it made a massive difference in getting it to look really ripped."

Specifically, Halle loves to use a resistance loop. "I rely on my resistance loop even more now, since it's so easy to use at home. Sometimes, to spice things up, Peter will have me switch up my grip on my resistance loop rows, so that instead of rowing with my palm facing in, I'll do the move with my palm facing up or down. Though it doesn't seem like much of a change, you really feel the difference after a few sets," she shared.

One of her favorite moves with it is bent-over rows. "I also use my loop to work on bent-over rows—and love, love, love to do TRX rows, when I can, too," Halle said.

Besides her resistance loop, she also makes sure to incorporate some dumbbell moves. "Peter and I also work on dumbbell flies and tons of different row variations, which never fail to set my back muscles on fire," she added.

Clearly, all of Halle's hard work is paying off!

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