It is kiwi season: 5 health benefits of this delicious fruit

Kiwis aren’t native to India but are readily available now. They’re tangy, sweet and flavourful. And they’re packed with nutrients.

Kiwis are high on antioxidants and a great source of fibre.

Here are five health benefits of Kiwis:

1. They’re great for digestion

Kiwis are high on fibre, which is great for digestion. They also contain actinidin. This enzyme helps breakdown proteins. This further aids in digestion.

2. They help manage blood pressure

Having just three kiwis a day can help reduce blood pressure. This in turn helps prevent BP-related diseases like heart attack.

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3. Kiwis can help you sleep better

The antioxidants and serotonin in Kiwis help in sleep disorders. All you need are two kiwis an hour before bedtime

4. Kiwis can make your skin glow

Kiwis have vitamins C and E. These are great for the skin. Just take a few slices and rub them on your skin!

5. Kiwis help treat asthma

Vitamin C and antioxidants in Kiwis can help treat asthma. Kiwi and other fresh fruits can help reduce wheezing too.

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