Heidi Klum, 44, ditches her clothes in revealing new selfie, promptly gets mom-shamed

Heidi Klum‘s new vibe: stripped back and stripping down.

The 44-year-old model is the latest celebrity to share a makeup-free selfie on social media, but she went the extra mile by shedding her clothes as well. The German-born Project Runway host is wrapped in just a towel — and flashing a fair amount of bare cleavage — in the Instagram photo, which has, not surprisingly, captured lots of attention.

Klum’s revealing selfie has sparked a predictable debate. (Photo: Heidi Klum via Instagram)
Klum’s revealing selfie has sparked a predictable debate. (Photo: Heidi Klum via Instagram)

Her daring selfie has sparked a mini-debate in her comments section, with many fans praising her looks and confidence and others arguing that Klum should cover up out of respect for her four kids.

“She’s clearly not strong, as she’s craving attention on this pic to boost her ego clearly!” one critic wrote.

“Why do beautiful, strong women believe they need to show more than their beautiful smile?” asked one commenter. “Boobs not necessary.”

“Classy celebrities don’t need boob shots to attain more followers,” read another comment.

“Bet your FOUR kids wish you were spending quality time with them at the end of a typical ‘sun-rayed’ day!” a troll fired back. “Instead your 50-year-old self is taking a selfie of your 50-year-old fake t*t!”

“Just curious if your children follow you on IG??” asked another follower.

But Klum’s fans were quick to defend her, calling out critics for their shaming comments.

“[People] think that because she has kids she should … cover herself from head to toe,” wrote a supporter. “Let the lady live and enjoy life.”

“It’s not your job to tell her what to show and what not [to],” another shot back.

“There’s absolutely nothing wrong being sexual,” read another comment. “And assuming someone does it just for attention isn’t cool.”

“I always see people accuse women of being ‘attention whores’ when we wear ‘scandalous’ clothing/post pictures similar to this,” noted a defender. “Like, why cant people just see a beautiful, confident woman enjoying the sunshine? That’s what I see.”

Klum hasn’t yet commented on the criticism, but we imagine her take on trolls could be summed up in one catchphrase: “auf Wiedersehen.”

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