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Helen Mirren’s go-to secret for ageless skin, hair and nails is down to $10

If you’re in the market for an affordable, multitasking beauty product, you’re in luck. Much-maligned castor oil is a surprising celebrity-loved skin-care staple that's used to promote eyebrow, lash and hair growth, to moisturize skin, and to help reduce the appearance of blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles. Helen Mirren shared on Instagram that she uses it "not for its laxative properties, but for hair, skin, nails." The queen has spoken. Want to try it out for yourself? Amazon shoppers swear by Kate Blanc Cosmetics Castor Oil, which is on sale for just $10 (down from $15).

The glass dropper, lash brush and brow wand make application a breeze.

$10 at Amazon

Why is this a good deal?

There are a ton of different castor oils on the market, but this top-rated option by Kate Blanc Cosmetics can be yours for just $10, which is 33% off. Not bad for an A-list beauty secret!

Why do I need this?

We love this game-changer for its all-natural, cold-pressed and certified organic properties. Plus, it comes in a lovely amber glass bottle and includes a glass dropper to help you efficiently apply the product. Even better, it includes a brow wand and lash brush to help you reach your lash line and brows with ease.

Helen Mirren
When Dame Helen Mirren says she's a fan of something, we listen. (Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

What reviewers say

Helen Mirren isn't the only one using castor oil to improve her hair and skin. Nearly 74,000 Amazon shoppers swear by Kate Blanc Cosmetics Castor Oil, and many say it works wonders for softening their skin and minimizing the look of wrinkles.

"A true gem in my beauty routine," raved a devotee. "Has transformed my hair and skin. It's my go-to for softer, shinier hair and a radiant complexion. The convenient size and quality make it a must-have — highly recommend for anyone seeking a natural beauty boost!"

"Ultimate moisture for mature skin," shared one wise user. "I use this at night on my face, especially wrinkles around lips. I find that it reduces the appearance of these lines and leaves my face feeling moist and ready for makeup — or not — in the morning."

Older shoppers say they have noticed a difference in their skin: "I am 70 and had deep wrinkles on my cheeks that were driving me crazy. Well they are gone, really they are," insisted one happy customer. "I had tried so many other things but this is a winner. Now I'm gonna concentrate on the wrinkles around my lips. I'm hopeful."

"I used it in my hair, eyebrows, eyelashes and face. It made my hair and skin feel soft," shared a final fan. Their one complaint? "The only con is the oil does not stay in the dropper; it leaks out the bottom even if you are not squeezing the rubber dropper top. But you just need to use it quickly and put it back in the bottle so you don't waste the oil."

At this price, it's smart to stock up on a few bottles.

$10 at Amazon

Another celeb fave? Bio-Oil, a go-to of both Kate Middleton and Halle Berry (it's down to only $10 right now).

Kristin Chenoweth and Kim Kardashian also count themselves as fans of this popular and affordable skin-care product, which can be used to minimize the appearance of stretch marks. 

Save $4 with Prime
$10 at Amazon
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$15 at Ulta Beauty$13 at Rite Aid

"It’s the only thing I believe, just in my personal opinion, that actually puts a dent in removing your stretch marks," Halle Berry told her Instagram followers. "I’ve been using it for, I don’t know, 15 years now. I got through both of my children; this oil helped. I got through stretch marks from my gymnastics days as a kid; this oil helped."

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