History is made on 'Jeopardy!' during LeVar Burton's debut as guest host

LeVar Burton made his highly-anticipated debut as a fill-in Jeopardy! host Monday. And while it remains to be seen if the episode broke any ratings records, which is what his fans are hoping to do, we do know that a different kind of record was broken: for lowest score ever.

The contestant who accomplished this feat is Patrick Pearce, a product specialist from Fountain View, California. And with his amount of wrong answers dipping into double digits, he was climbing out of the hole most of the night before taking a major blow during a Daily Double toward the end. And then it was a question about US government buildings overseas that finally put him into record breaking territory.

Pearce’s $-7,400 breaks a record previously held by Stephanie Hull since March 12th, 2015, when she posted $-6,800, according to a write up in Slate.

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