Hivery Launches AI-driven SaaS Platform, Curate 1.0, Revolutionizing Retail Assortment and Planogram Strategies

Hivery has just revealed the release of Curate 1.0, which the company said allows retailers “to harness its AI capabilities for more effective assortments and planograms.” Hivery described Curate 1.0 as an intuitive and user-friendly SaaS platform, and that retailers no longer need to be “dependent on consultants or mysterious black-box services.”

Jason Hosking, chief executive officer and cofounder of Hivery, said when the company disrupted the industry with its approach to assortment planning, “it was about more than just technology; it was about empowering businesses with actionable strategies. With Curate 1.0, we’re taking a significant leap forward, enabling users to dive in and engage with the platform directly, ensuring rapid access to insights and strategies. It’s all about delivering value swiftly and simply.”

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Ian Goodwin, chief product officer at Hivery, said Curate 1.0 “is more than just a tool; it’s an AI-equipped strategic partner that empowers users across the organization with critical business insights.”

The rollout of the SaaS platform comes at a time when retailers are focused on optimizing the processes across the business. Traditionally, planograms were limited in terms of strategic planning and testing. Implementing any changes was also slow — especially for retailers with hundreds of stores.

Hivery claimed Curate 1.0 changes everything. The company said the platform’s features and functions mark a clear shift to SaaS. Curate 1.0 allows retailers to “contextualize assortment changes” with AI. The company said the platform “offers dynamic, interactive planograms and predictive KPIs, supporting retailers and CPG brands in navigating the complexities of retail assortment and portfolio optimization at both strategic and tactical levels.”

Additionally, the platform offers assortment simulations, which retailers can use “to explore portfolio assortment and category scenarios, discover brand and product insights, strategize effective distribution for new items, and maximize core brand revenues while considering incrementality and demand transfer impacts.”

Goodwin said as a SaaS offering, “users can analyze store-item demand transfer, predict financial impacts of space and assortment changes, explore days of supply scenarios, simulate new item performance and portfolio impact, and visualize their strategy on the planogram independently.”

The company also said additional SaaS capabilities will be released over the next few months. “We are laser-focused on empowering our customers through simple and intuitive access to our powerful AI engine,” Hosking said. “Curate 1.0 is just the beginning.”

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