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Household essentials are on sale on Amazon — 11 cleaning must-haves to stock up on

Save on Tide, Downy, Dawn and more.

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Save up to 27 per cent on 11 cleaning must-haves from Amazon Canada. (Photos via Amazon)

Laundry detergent, dish soap and dryer sheets: Not exciting purchases, but a necessity for most households. And right now — with up to 27 per cent off, Amazon Canada's household essentials sale is the perfect opportunity to stock up on much-needed everyday items. While household chores will never be my favourite way to spend an afternoon, the promise of fresh linen scents and spotless dishes makes these daily tasks (slightly) more bearable. I'm ready to freshen up my space and stock up on these staples. From laundry and dishwasher detergents to air fresheners and cleaning supplies, these are the 11 items I'm adding to my cart immediately — without breaking the bank.

These dishwasher pods are a must for anyone looking to save time and water. And on sale? A no-brainer.

$19 at Amazon Canada

As an avid gym-goer, I can't get enough of these scent booster beads. The promise of all-day freshness without heavy perfumes is exactly what my Pilates gear needs.

$16 at Amazon Canada

A deal too good to ignore, Dawn's EZ-Squeeze bottle is a game-changer, and knowing the company helps protect wildlife means this is a purchase I can feel good about.

$14 at Amazon Canada

There's just something so satisfying about wiping away dirt and imperfections with Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. And at over 20 per cent off, now's the time to stock up.

$7 at Amazon Canada

Stubborn stains don't stand a chance against Tide's Deep Cleaning Fabric Rinse. It's safe for all fabrics and is an alternative to liquid laundry detergent. It effortlessly removes odours and breaks down soils.

$13 at Amazon Canada

Febreze plug-ins are my go-to for keeping my condo smelling as fresh as a bed of roses. The handy low-level indicator also always lets me know when it's time for a refill.

$19 at Amazon Canada

City living means constantly battling against dust, so I'm adding the Swiffer Dusters Starter Kit to my cart expeditiously. With a six-foot handle, I'm ready to tackle everything from blinds to bookshelves.

$17 at Amazon Canada

Speaking of Swiffer, this PowerMop kit is next on my list. The idea of mopping my entire space in just half the time is too good to pass up, especially at 25 per cent off.

$30 at Amazon Canada

Name a scent that's better than "fresh linen" laundry. I'll wait. These dryer sheets will not only make your clothes smell delightful but also prevent static and wrinkles.

$10 at Amazon Canada

This spray is a game-changer for dishes, cutting through grease with ease. The light apple fragrance is a delightful bonus!

$5 at Amazon Canada

We all know 'em, need 'em and love 'em. Don't miss this limited-time offer on these "easy to use" detergent pods.

$29 at Amazon Canada
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