Hunter McGrady opens up about the 'guilt' of her second pregnancy

The model says she's hopeful her son "never feels like he is getting any less of me."

Hunter McGrady is getting real about her second pregnancy.

On Tuesday, the 29-year-old model took to Instagram to share a makeup-free mirror selfie, showing off her growing baby bump, paired with a honest message.

The "Model Citizen" podcast host is currently expecting her second child, a daughter, with husband Brian Keys. The pair also share an 18-month-old son, Hudson.

She began by revealing that she has been feeling guilty as she anticipates having to split her time and affection between her two children.

"I didn’t realize the guilt that I would feel during this pregnancy," McGrady penned to her more than 719,000 followers. "I hear all my friends who are pregnant with their second saying, 'I can’t wait to see them together! No guilt here!' And while I, too, can’t wait to see them together, it’s hard for me to relate."

"I cry often because I’m sad that it won’t just be mama, Dada and Hudson anymore," she continued, adding, "as much as I know that I’m giving my son the greatest gift he will ever have in life, I will be splitting my time and capacity, unlike before."

McGrady says she's hopeful her son "never feels like he is getting any less of me," but is "excited for him to experience" the love of having a sibling.

"Life shows us that we can both grieve the past and be excited for the future," she concluded. "Both feelings are valid and can exist simultaneously. We’re getting so close to my due date and every chance I get I just want to soak up with my baby boy, my firstborn."

In the comments, fans applauded McGrady for her honesty.

"It's so OK to have all the feelings! I’m sure it will be full of change and beautiful moments with hard ones too and I’m so proud of you," commented Canadian influencer, Sarah Nicole Landry — better known as The Birds Papaya.

"He's so lucky to have a mama who is so considerate and loving towards him. One day at a time," someone else chimed in.

A fan added: "So beautifully said."

"I love your honesty. Beautifully put! Your son is so lucky to have such a considerate mom. But you won't be 'splitting' your capacity — when you have another child, your capacity simply gets bigger. More love to give," another shared.

In September, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model announced her second pregnancy in an emotional Instagram Reel with her husband.

"Well, I guess it's time to share the news! Hudson is going to be a big brother!" she said in the video. "We couldn't be more excited to enter this new season of life in growing our family. I'm feeling all the emotions from excitement to nervous to giddy!"

"Can't wait to share this journey again with you guys over the next few months as you all were so gracious and supportive during the last time," she added.

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