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I shop sales 24/7 — this top-notch Eufy robovac at an all-time low price is worth scooping up

The Eufy L60 Robot Vacuum boasts up to 120 minutes of battery life, and it's down to $200.

Can I say something controversial? Vacuuming is my favorite household chore. No, not because I enjoy pushing a bulky floor cleaner around, but because I don't have to. My robovac does all the work for me (which, I suppose, means I can't really call it my favorite cleaning task). Technicalities aside, having one of these smart machines has been a total game-changer, and if you're in the market for one, allow me to direct you to the Eufy L60 Robot Vacuum. This small yet mighty appliance boasts 5,000Pa suction, which is on the higher side for a robot vac, in addition to providing up to 120 minutes of runtime. But what's most insane? It's currently down to $200 (from $280) at Amazon.

Attention: hair, crumbs and dust bunnies — you're going to need a better hiding spot once this powerful robovac gets going. 

Save $80 with Prime
$200 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal? 💰

I shop sales for a living, and it's not every day you see a bestselling robot vacuum for $200. According to our trackers, this is the best price this robovac has ever been marked down to. For comparison, this Roborock model with only 2,700Pa suction is going for $240, so the fact that the Eufy has 5,000Pa suction and costs less? 'Nuff said. Note: You'll need to be a Prime member to zap up this deal.

Why do I need this? 🤔

Sure, there are plenty of robovacs on the market, but what sets the Eufy L60 apart — aside from its powerful suction and long battery life — is its precise room mapping capabilities. Its advanced iPath Laser Navigation relies on LiDAR (light detection and ranging) technology to help it avoid crashing into things while charting your home, and you can even establish which, if any, areas you'd like it to stay away from.

It also uses BoostIQ technology to automatically adapt to different types of floors, and can climb up to 20 millimeters, allowing it to hoist itself over thick carpets. At four inches high, it'll be able to slide underneath many types of furniture, and you can choose from four suction levels, the lowest of which will give you the longest runtime.

the Eufy robot vacuum next to a phone with the Eufy app on its screen, all on a purple and blue background
Take the stress out of spring cleaning by letting this smart robot vacuum do most of the work for you. (Amazon)

What reviewers say 💬

Amazon customers are especially impressed with the Eufy L60 Robot Vacuum's mapping functionality, suction and ability to navigate uneven surfaces.

Pros 👍

"Got my robot vacuum set up today and running," wrote one satisfied shopper. "I'm 77 ... so it's not an astro-science setup. It mapped perfectly. There are only a few places it can't reach. It even gets in the [toe kick] of the cabinets."

"I have two dogs who shed a lot, and I’m always amazed [by] how much dog hair this picks up," shared a pet parent. "I really love being able to set up no-go zones and being able [to] clean specific rooms, one by one."

"It does a great job [of] getting into corners and under beds," wrote a third buyer. "It also does a great job of mapping out the floor plan, and after a few uses follows a very efficient pattern around the house. It has no problem maneuvering around furniture or adjusting to my flooring and throw rugs. ... I do wish the dust pan was a little bigger, but it's large enough for my 1,700-square-foot house."

Cons 👎

In case you're sensitive to sound, this reviewer had one note. "[The] only complaint I would have is it is a bit loud," they said, "but I can deal with it because [of] how well it works!"

"I do wish that I got a model that came with the brush roll that avoids hair-wrapping, because I have had to pull the roller out and cut the hair off it three times already," wrote another. "Also, the extra Lidar module on top of the vacuum makes it unable to get underneath a few pieces of our furniture..." That said, they added, " I love being able to check in the app [to] see if it's stuck somewhere."

Psst: Mother's Day is coming up, so why not give Mom the gift of an appliance that'll clean her floors while she stays comfy on the couch?

Save $80 with Prime
$200 at Amazon

And for cleaning furniture and stairs, how about this on-sale hand vacuum?

At just 1.2 pounds, this handvac won't make you feel like you're putting your arms through a workout every time you reach for it. It has an impressive 5,500Pa suction and includes a crevice tool for cleaning itty-bitty spaces. 

"Lightweight and small enough that it’s easy to store," shared a reviewer. "It’s also a pretty sleek design ... so it doesn’t bother me when it’s left out for charging. I use it on my couch, around my dining table and chairs after meals and it gets into small corners and cracks really well! I like that I can charge it and it’ll last me about a week or more of using it almost daily for quick little cleanups! I’ll be using it for my car too!"

Save $30 with coupon
$50 at Amazon

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