In defense of kids looking at phones - yes, even Kardashian kids

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I’ve never seen “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”

I don’t know the names of everyone in the family, what they do for a living, or what their lives are really like.

What I do know is that I have something in common with Kim K. I’m a parent. And I know that as a parent, sometimes you just hand your phone to your kid, even if the World Health Organization says not to.

Recently, Kim posted a photo to Instagram showing her daughter North doing what literally millions of other kids do every single day: looking at a phone.

Granted, I don’t know the context of the photo. Is it North’s phone? Is it her mom’s? One of their many handlers’? Was North having a tantrum right before the pic was taken? Did she earn that screen time as a reward?

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It could be any, or all, or none of the above.

But of course, because the internet is the internet, people had opinions. People always have opinions.

So here’s one more opinion: lay off Kim or any other parent that lets their kid look at a device.

Parenting is hard and exhausting, even if you’re a millionaire many, many times over.

Sometimes your kid wakes up at 5 a.m. and demands breakfast. iPad time!

Sometimes you really need to get something done and just need to stave off an incident for a few minutes. Get out the old phone!

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And sometimes kids earn that screen time with good behaviour, a solid school performance, or a myriad of other things.

Sometimes my kids play with toys. Sometimes they read books. Sometimes they do crafts. And yes, sometimes they look at my phone.

Does that make me a terrible parent? No. And even if every last person reading this thinks so, the answer is still no because ultimately, the decision is between me and my wife and no one else, thank you very much.

Now, I get that posting things online invites comments. But really, people, lay off. Unless a parent is putting their kids in real, actual danger, they’re doing fine.

No matter what the trolls think.

Allan Shifman is the managing editor of Yahoo Finance Canada, and a dad of two young children.

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