Influencer Alicia Mccarvell pens inspiring post on finding self-love: 'You amaze me'

Alicia Mccarvell explains how she uses a journal to write affirmations to find self-love. (Photo via @aliciamccarvell on Instagram)
Alicia Mccarvell explains how she uses a journal to write affirmations to find self-love. (Photo via @aliciamccarvell on Instagram)

Alicia Mccarvell is sharing her method on finding self-love.

The Canadian influencer took to Instagram on Wednesday with a photo of herself wearing a leopard print bikini in the water, paired with text on the shot that read, "You are worthy of self-love." In the shot, the TikTok star styled her brown hair into a messy bun, and wore some round sunglasses along with a pair of gold hoop earrings.

"I asked you all to tell me what you've been loving about yourselves lately, and a lot of you had a hard time," Mccarvell began in her motivational caption. "I wanted to let you know that, you're not alone."

"The world has quite literally taught us that we're never enough. We're never tall enough, small enough, smart enough, strong enough, loud enough, giving enough, we're just never enough. So, it makes sense that when you're asked what you love about yourself, you struggle," she continued.

The Nova Scotia-based influencer further explained how keeping a "love me" journal "changed my life," sharing that all someone needs to get started is a journal, pen and "a willingness to struggle."

"What you're going to do is everyday sit down and reflect on your day," she shared. "You're going to find something you appreciated about yourself that day and write it down — [something] that has nothing to do with your body."

Mccarvell explained that when writing in their "love me journal," people can jot down affirmations that show self-appreciation for their every day tasks, like making the bed every morning, giving good advice or taking time to read a book.

"These things might seem small, but they actually add up to much bigger things," Mccarvell penned. "Making your bed every morning could mean you're consistent and organized. Giving great advice could actually mean that you're compassionate and a great listener. Always making time to read could also mean that you're great at setting aside time for yourself."

In her post, Mccarvell went on to say that these small, daily affirmations will eventually shift how you view youself.

"The more you write in this journal, the more you will appreciate all the little details about who you are. Soon, you'll be left with a book about why you're so f—king cool and it'll change how you view yourself," she penned. "Writing in my journal showed me all the incredible things about myself that I had allowed my body, and the world, [to] hide from me for too long. You are worthy of loving yourself, the little things, the big things and all the things in between."

"This isn't easy. You won't love yourself everyday. It's not all rainbows and butterflies. You'll stumble and that's OK," Mccarvell wrapped up. "I'm sending you so much love on this journey, it's a life-long one."

Fans filled Mccarvell's post with comments of love and support, making note of her confidence and happiness, as well as sharing their own stories of finding self-love.

"I made one of these journals three years ago and it was so helpful. I’ve definitely been slacking on using it recently, and this post is 100 per cent a sign that I need to start writing in it again. Thank you for the reminder," wrote one fan.

"I love this idea!! I use a journal app that I write in most days, and this would be a great addition to my random ramblings. And it will definitely help me on my journey to self-love," another shared, while adding a red heart emoji. "Thank you for sharing!"

"You amaze me, girl. Wish I had you confidence right now!" one person raved.

"Excellent advice!! Thank you, Alicia! You’re amazing!" someone else added.

"I'm taking this suggestion. I'm 55 and love your confidence," another fan penned. "I wished I would have been raised with this kind of self-love and language. But I can start now!!!"

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