Influencer Bree Lenehan shares the 'reality of wearing a tight bodycon dress'

Bree Lenehan is back with another body positive post. (Photo via Instagram/breeelenehan)
Bree Lenehan is back with another body positive post. (Photo via Instagram/breeelenehan)

Bree Lenehan is on a mission to make you feel better about your body.

Earlier this week, the influencer took to TikTok to share an empowering video about body image with her 433,000 followers. Specifically, she asked her fans to embrace their natural bellies — no matter what they look like.

In the clip, the 26-year-old wore a light blue bodycon dress. She smiled at the camera while showing fans various angles of her body and waist. In some of the angles she sucked in, showing a seemingly slim physique. In others she relaxed, revealing her "normal" bloated stomach.

"Reminder, it’s OK not to have a flat tummy. Even the people who look like they have a flat tummy normally don’t most of the time. You are normal," she wrote on the screen.

In the caption, the self-love advocate reminded followers that it's "human" to have lumps and bumps while wearing tight clothing, and encouraged fans to lift each other up in the comments.

"The reality of wearing a tight bodycon dress (and being human). Take the reminders you need from the comments," Lenehan penned.

In the comments, fans thanked the influencer for the "best reminder" and for boosting their confidence.

"Thank you for this, so needed it today," commented a follower. "This is the best reminder and you're an inspiration to so many people struggling with their bodies."

"This looks exactly like me and my stomach so thanks for sharing!" added another.

"My confidence is skyrocketing right now," shared someone else. "So inspiring!'

In October, Lenehan filmed her stomach "across 24 hours" to show how bodies fluctuate.

Lenehan stitched four small clips together — in the morning, midday, afternoon and night — revealing how her stomach expands and changes as the day progresses.

At the end of the clip, she smiled and rubbed her belly while the words "you're good enough" appeared on the screen.

"Even as a 'slim' person, my belly is never flat ... not even at the start of the day. I always have a little bump at the bottom of my tummy, and that continues to grow across the day," she penned in the caption. "This is something that I was always so ashamed of ... but bloating happens for all sorts of's normal."

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