Why is your iPhone collecting all of your 'Brassiere' photos?

Your iPhone is saving photos with your bra in them to an album called ‘Brassiere.’ (Photo: Getty Images)

Apple has been coming out with a number of cool features with their latest iOS upgrades and phone launches. However, there’s one new feature that has people a little confused.

For a recent experiment with iPhone‘s search tool in the Photos app, people have discovered a category curated by Apple manufacturers. Although finding all of the photos you’ve shot of food or dogs may be helpful, it’s really unclear why Brassiere is a necessary grouping — and the Twitter-verse is expressing many thoughts on the matter.

News about the recently identified folder of photos has been spreading fast, revealing different individual’s experiences with the search. But of course it was up to Chrissy Teigen — the queen of Twitter herself — to verify just how true the news was.

“It’s true,” Teigen stated with a screenshot of evidence from her own search. “If u type in ‘brassiere’ in the search of your iphotos, it has a category for every boob or cleavage pic you’ve ever taken.” The most important part of her tweet, however, is the last part, which simply asks: “Why.”

The 60 results that popped up from Teigen’s search are all photos that reveal either cleavage or some sort of strap from her top or bra, which seems to be part of the algorithm that identifies that type of image. Women everywhere are checking the search within their own camera rolls and posting photos to Twitter that show just how hilarious some think it is, while others are plainly disturbed.

Aside from the obvious reasons why women are questioning the setting, Teigen created more confusion by pointing out what is being categorized versus what is not.

And while the model’s investigative work is certainly helpful, it’s now up to Apple to provide some definitive answers.

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